Thursday, March 3, 2011

I had a farm in Africa..

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I remember the first time I watched the cinema classic 
"Out Of Africa" and the profound effect it had on me. Unlike many a lass I was not taken with Denys (Robert Redford) - rugged and dashing as he was - No, I was smitten with everything Karen (Meryl Streep) wore, owned and lived in...

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I was born in Africa; and so I suppose I romanticised her tale to a degree... alright, alright - I tried washing my hair outside with an antique jug, ummm... hilarious. There was just something about the feel and the look of her outfits that oozed grace & poise.

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And now I have a new obsession and that's getting my hands on one of these: 


This one belongs to Artemis & Nao - it was their wedding accommodation!(Big BIG sigh) I'm sure Karen and Denys would have made the sweetest love in theirs (just a bit of dreamy rambling allowed OK!) Never the less I take solace knowing that other stylish gurus such as Artemis and Sibella (she calls it "glamping" = glamorous camping - I'm with you all the way Sibella) love this amorous form of abode, as much as I do. 


Perhaps, if I play my cards right, I too can recreate the essence of Karens African adventures. All I need are a few well selected linens, a suave hat, muslin (perhaps a few mozzie coils to be safe) and a cutie canvas bell tent.
Oh yes, and a Gin and Tonic or two... you know for - the mozzies.

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