Sunday, November 25, 2012

Catch up.... and a huge dose of smug

The heart-stoppingly good Sigur Ros at Belvoir Amphitheatre ..... still reeling.
Small renovations with handcrafted porcelain knobs - my new favourite thing.
Record setting eggs (or as I now call them "bum nuts")
Floral delights that look lovely but smell funny ... does anyone else not like the whiff of a Hyacinth?
Greenery in small bottles  - my other favourite thing.
More floral delights that don't whiff at all ... and last for a long time .
Classical FM whilst prepping for Christmas.
A new favourite blend of tea - T2's Earl Grey and Just Rose Rosebuds.
Farewell to sock weather  - although there is some rain predicted later this week (??)
....and last but not least ....
Essential Christmas inspiration... Real Living, Country Style, Home Beautiful and Frankie....
.... and just in case you're wondering ... Cadbury Aero Dark Bubbles & two Arnotts Royale's.

How are things in your neck of the woods peoples? Are you ready for Christmas yet?
Can I boast? ... Are you sure?
I have completed ALL my Christmas shopping.
True Cobber true*

I am one happy chap.

Now I don't just mean the gifts, I mean the fairy lights, the serviettes, the wrapping paper (although that is just brown paper and string), the candles, the bunting, the stocking stuffer treats, the thrifted loveliness that will become recycled/upcycled treats, the charity gifts and the goodies to make the hand made goodies ...

Apologies to all you purists out there but this calls for some major exclamation mark overload.....


Thank you for letting me release the joy that stems from knowing that I am now able to squirrel myself away and enjoy the making and creating in the peace and quiet of my home. I can put Bing on and just have fun. I can sew and wrap and bake and drink tea. I can avoid the fake Santas and the screaming little people who don't understand why they can't have all the toys in the world (and just for the record kids... I'm on your side) Admittedly there are the "work functions" to attend but at least I can do so knowing that the bulk of all the rush is not mine to endure. Oh I am truly one smug bunny at the moment....

Thank you for listening and apologies to all who have read this and are no longer my friend.
I hope I can be forgiven.


* Aussie slang for "That's a fact Jack"


G said...

oh, so envious that you saw sigur ros! ! !

good on you on the Christmas shopping front ; and I love those porcelain doorknobs too x

erleichda said...

I love brown paper and sting for Christmas packaging!
..and I am almost finished with all this ... madness too!
A couple of thing this week and then nothing more ;)

Enjoy lovely days!

Vintage Jane said...

I'm nearly with you ... just a couple more pressies to buy and then I can hunker down, make crackers and wrap and roll!! M x

Dilys said...

I am nowhere near done, but I have most of my homemade gifts made, and I have a good start on the cards. However, I need input from the guys, my guys are devilishly hard to buy for without specific instructions . Still, I give you a BRAVO! for all you have accomplished, and I love those drawer pulls. I have some really large beads I am thinking of seeing if I can make drawer pulls out of them, or cabinet knobs! Have fun and drink a cup of tea for me!

In My Wild Eden said...

Hi Angy. All your pictures are so fun! You are very inspiring. I love Christmas when it is peaceful and calm. It sounds like you are going to have a beautiful holiday.