Wednesday, November 14, 2012

To drink or not to drink....

For your information the following statements are frivolous "ponderings and musings"
When the word drink or drinking is used it refers specifically to alcoholic beverages 
and lastly, (but not leastly) I love a good G&T by the pool as much as the next person. 

Just so you know.

To drink or not to drink. That is the question. 
Have you ever had anyone tease you or goad you into drinking?
Have you ever had anyone keep pouring when you've already said "thats' enough"
Have you ever had anyone ask you why you're not drinking - with an undertone of sheer confusion?
Have you ever had anyone say "yeah but you gotta live life don't you?" 
(as though by not drinking you'll simply stop breathing)

I have recently taken a hiatus from drinking. 
Reasons - health mostly. 
Responses from most people - completely supportive.
Responses from some - downright amusing.... 

"Why? What's wrong?" 
"Oh well done you... I couldn't do that"
"Do you miss it?"
"Well that's no fun now is it"
"I tried that once"
"What are you... a girl?" 

Now let me be honest here and say that not all these remarks were made to me. I've heard some made to other people and some made to Hubby when he's been the designated driver. I realise Australians are big drinkers, we love a "beer at the barbie" and we are the proud producers of some amazing wines. However, last I checked alcohol was still considered a drug, yes? We've come a looooong way further with smoking. In fact if you want to feel like an outcast take up smoking and move to Australia peoples. It's not allowed ANYwhere. So it's amazing to me that we aren't more open to the idea of NOT drinking. It's like it's a kind of "given" and it seems to be woven so deeply into the fabric of our social lives that by abstaining we look like a great big dropped stitch... just sitting there.... with our iced tea... Hmmmm. 

What are your thoughts peoples? 
Have you ever taken a break from drinking?
How would you feel if you had to give it up?
Do you know anyone who does not drink at all? 

* Brilliant images by artist Leah Tinari
Please note - I have not chosen Leah's work in order to suggest that it negates or supports 
alcohol consumption ... I just loved the work.


Greenorchid said...

Great,interesting and well observed images thanks for sharing.
My body hasn't been able cope with alcohol at all for near 10 years and I have been surprised, sometimes shocked by others responses and reactions to me not drinking. But now feel it is rather a reflection of the others insecurity or attachment than much to do with my situation. I hope, when I regain my health, that I will have the choice to have a glass of wine if I'd like again which would be rather lovely...

Eleni said...

Great images!

I think we are similarly entrenched here in the UK: pub culture is just so much a part of (dwindling) national identity!

I enjoy the social side of pubs and cocktail bars, but personally, I can't handle a lot of alcohol so some nights out I just don't feel like it. I've had people feel sorry for me because they think I'm not drinking because I'm broke! Actually, most of my friends say "fair enough" when I say "I just don't want to get drunk today" so maybe I'm lucky? If people insist on pestering you there is always the "I'm on antibiotics" excuse!

Good for you for making a change. I hope it works out as you'd hoped x

Dilys said...

Hmm . . . I have the kind of metabolism that is just not good with alcohol. Two drinks, sometimes just one, will put me to sleep so it's just not that much fun for me. I have an occasional drink on holiday and sometimes a glass of wine before bed, but mostly I just don't. Most people who know me know how I respond so I don't get many comments any more. And I am with you about the attitude about smoking vs. drinking. Smoking is bad for your health, so is alcohol. Smoking costs lives, so does alcohol. Smoking has many bad attributes, so does alcohol. I believe the difference is, as you say, alcohol is very bound up in cultural mores where smoking is not. I think prohibition has never worked well because alcohol has been a part of culture since we discovered fermented fruit very early on. However, no one should pressure anyone to drink. Drinking does not guarantee a good time, and not drinking does not mean you are not enjoying yourself. It's just a choce like any other and no harm no foul for it either way. And you are right about the artist, very nice work, full of color and emotion!