Thursday, November 29, 2012

Things to do when the power goes out....

It's imperative that you remain calm.
Fretting over the fact that you may or may not be able to have a cup of tea is useless.
(believe me ... I know)

If you're lucky and it happens during daylight hours, well then be smart and get the candles and the torches ready NOW. Just in case.

Find the board games, packs of cards, chocolate stash, red wine, picnic rugs, cushions and if at all possible spare batteries.

If the outage is due to inclement weather try not to worry (excessively) about your chickens... they are after all outdoor critters (or so everyone keeps telling me when I suggest that maybe they should be brought inside)

When you realise that you are connected to gas and a cup of tea is well and truly possible... be grateful.
Be very very grateful.

(Aside: We had a ball. Monopoly may not be everyone's cup of tea but there's no denying that having no access to screens of any kind undoubtedly brings a family closer together)


Your weekend peoples?
I have to take my boys shopping for clothes. Wish me luck.


Dilys said...

Yes, now that my grown children are phone people, connected at the hip to all the omni-present devices, you'd think they would call more often, but I think phones are not really for calling . This weekend I plan to finish shopping, maybe, and do something fun, just have not figured out what that might be. Power outages sure do make you appreciate how useful electricity is, as if there were ever any question about it, we just tend to take it too much for granted. I wish you luck taking boys shopping for clothes, even if the clothes are for them, things might get hairy! An extra cup of tea might be in order!

Kylie said...

Uno by candle light for us. Great fun. Wine involved too. I think I'd rather go shopping with boyos if I had them, than highly strung, extremely fussy girlies! Ha!