Monday, November 5, 2012

Fennel, Orange, Walnut & Persian Feta ...

... aka "a jazz dance in your mouth" ....


Fennel - finely sliced
Red Onion - VERY finely sliced & not too much
Orange segments
Persian Feta
Verjuice - a lighter variety
Good quality, preferably peppery, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper - to taste

Begin with a bed of Rocket and assemble
 all the ingredients in layers
(we placed the feta on last though)
Splash a bit of the oil & verjuice on before serving
(not too much since the oranges provide 
quite a bit of natural dressing)

The beauty of this number is you can tweak the ingredients
to suit your taste. I must warn you though...

... the combination of sweet orange, bitter walnut, liquorice fennel and salty silky feta
is... sigh.... drool..... just do it.


Imogen Eve said...
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Imogen Eve said...

This sounds DELICIOUS.