Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lovers of Storage Unite!

 I'm the kinda gal that gets oddly excited about storage options and fantabulous (new word) ways of organising my world. Baskets, Boxes, Bags, Shelves, Suitcases -
 all aesthetically pleasing of course! 

So it was with great delight that I procured myself this cutie pie shelf from Gill & Hill Merchants in Subiaco. Owners Murray and Juanita* were really friendly and happy to help. The store is a heady mix of textures, treasures and vintage gems. They stock art supplies, handmade paper, stationary, stamps, gifts and STUNNING vintage items - basically everything I love and more. Oh well yet another excuse for me to visit Subi ...sigh.

(*Thank you guys for allowing me to lay-by this charming find)

With nooks for all my precious bits and bobs

and little metal drawers for the messier stuff

 I love the little library cataloguing labels
(For a nerd like me this is important stuff)

Now I can arrange my stamps and such in 
a most fashionable manner
And hopefully stay right.

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