Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sweet Street and Bird Treat

Well I'm off to Mr Sparrow to get a Frankie Spaces mag (Yay!) and I find myself musing along a street in Subiaco. So this will be the street I live on when I fly back to Perth to visit family. Here I will have a "city pad" and then I do believe I shall have me a country dwelling somewhere between Margaret River and Albany... Yes definitely. 

Subiaco (or "Subi" as we call it here) is home to my favourite shop, my favourite burger joint and some of my favourite tree lined streets. Rupert street, however, takes the cake.

I think I would actually venture so far as to throw a street party when I live here - with homemade lemonade, egg and spoon races, 

 pony rides for the kids...

Mother Nature winking at me as I walk to the shops... buy a sweet pastry and a good book
(or a Yoshi towel for a treat...why not?) 

Or maybe I'll just sit...

...and observe




that trees have to offer.

With grace...

... and dignity


PS - Remember this bag? Well guess what?

It's mine! Complete with matching purses for super duper handbag organisation and co-ordination.... Lucky gal is Moi

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