Thursday, September 1, 2011

The day of days...

Two posts in a day!
Why not?
Especially when you've had the day of days.

Events leading up to event:
Deliriously happy couple
(silly mad, butterfly in tummy, giggly kind of love)
find themselves without child due to school camp.
Same couple have overcome the worst of a nasty flu and 
discover that their taste buds have returned.
The weather forecast - Perfect with a chance of more perfect.

Public transport into the city...
because it's fun(& cheap)

How I love a skirt that cost less than the sum of it's buttons.

It's a lovely day so let's nap in the park
(not us but fellow nappers none the less)

Now for some culture at the State Gallery

My faves are by YOU & YOU

The gallery invites me to add to it's collection. 
(well me and a few other school kids)

Hubby is amused

Now we are hungry so let's go to Govindas for stupidly cheap and tasty food.

Krishna dining with good karmic ethos.

Now let's walk... cos we are very "top button undone" full.

I'm ready to go and see Jane Eyre now...

At the lovely Art deco cinema in Subiaco. Please.

 I am addicted to Period Dramas. 
I am.

So now I will swoon over bonnets, and hoop skirts and sash windows and moors.

I've had my fix of visuals. Now I need a drink.
Let's go the The Bird.
Cider for me, Beer for you.
I like the loo.

Time to go home. Slippers and tea are calling.

Thank you Hubby - 'twas more fun than a bear can bear


girls who like to gorge said...

awesome photos - great blog! x

Eleni said...

What a date! I can't wait for my boyfriend to finish his damn Masters degree so we can have some fun! Four weeks and counting!

In the meantime I am enjoying my homemade bread with Nutella and proper tea, but you would be most welcome to join me for marmalade and Earl Grey, were you ever in town :)