Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Myalup Magic...

It begins and ends with the beach...

.... and it was bliss.


PS - Welcome to my new (and not so new) followers.
I am but a humble blogger and to know that I share this charmed life
with all of you lovely people is just such sweet icing on the cake.
Have a great week peoples!

PPS - 'Twas my birthday last week and boy was I spoilt rotten! 
Everything from a Taj Mahal supply of chocolate through to the coolest
pair of slippers I've ever owned.
However (and I hope this does not offend)
my two favourite gifts were not bought, wrapped up or
from anyone I know...
They were the mystical, magical kind....

* A cinema ALL to myself 
(felt like a celeb)

* Swimming with a dolphin as the sun was setting
(lasted all of 20 blissful minutes!!)

Tis true... the best things in life really are free
(That's me in the cinema... all by myself... 
hence the darkness)

1 comment:

Eleni said...

Happy birthday!!! I much prefer an empty cinema; what a great birthday treat!