Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Stylish Laundry....

Well as most people who know me know - 
I love my home, I love making my home comfortable, I love decorating my home
and I especially love having things I like to look at out on display....

... even in my loo!

Well it's my loo and laundry combined actually
(I'm pretty grateful for a second water closet in a 50 year old cottage!)

I have a small space directly opposite the toilet that fits the washer
and then I have a lovely handmade wooden bench top
 and a small little butler sink. 
We were really blessed to have found a home 
where all the renovations were
 tasteful and discreet whilst still maintaining a bit of character

Whilst most people would think I was bit of a nutter going to any 
lengths to make a utility space look pretty; 
I actually think it's paramount that I 
love what I see when I'm tending to everyday cleaning and washing...

As you can see I have a thing for Blue... in all it's shades....

I've hung some of my tea towel bunting
along the door that leads out to the patio and across the wall toward the
vintage mirror I picked up for $10 at a Salvos!

This art work was made by Young Prince (when he was 5)
and it's travelled all about our homes over the years...

It's hanging directly above the washing machine in a small 
corner as you step into the room.
I might add that although there seems to be a lot in this space it really 
is quite tiny. (Maybe 3 metres squared?)

Still it does the job...

Instead of some hideous fly mesh/security door 
I chose to hang lace curtain material (off cuts from a bargain bin at Spotlight)
across all the doorways that lead outside. 
I love it when the breeze billows the curtains and you can hear all the birds outside...

So there you have it.
A little nook of my home for you to see.
What about you? Do you have a snazzy laundry space?
When I consider the fact that there are still ladies (maybe men too?)
I love this space EVEN more.
Whilst I have no doubt that a community singing and chanting whilst beating
their undergarments on a rock CAN provide for a harmonious and pleasant
experience - I think the privilege of one touch technology in a room lit with 
string lights is ... well ... more my style :-) 

Have a good one peoples! 


Neesie said...

Snazzy...let me think? Hmm...nah! my laundry room isn't stylish by a long stretch of the imagination.
I have to say I would never have thought to put up bunting across the loo!
My boys would think I'd seriously flipped.
The net curtain is a genius idea and one I'm tucking away for now. I need to know if we're going to stay in this house after July before I get carried away.
Love you're Young Prince's art work.
I have portraits that my son drew when he was only 3. One of Mummy and one of Daddy. I adore them both and like you they've travelled with us :D

Kylie said...

Our laundry is as unstylish as they come, but that's all about to change though...
Yours is gorgeous.

Eleni said...

We don't have a washing machine in our flat (I only have to carry my clothes round the corner to the laundrette though!) but we do have bunting in our downstairs loo!

WolvesAtTheDoor said...

You have the magic touch for turning the ordinary into the EXTRAordinary!

erleichda said...

mine too... but now I feel a bit embarassed about my bathroom/laundry ... I must imrove it a bit!

In My Wild Eden said...

I agree with you. If it is there, why not make it look nice! I love billowy curtains too. It's all beautiful.

chasing lightning bugs said...

oh's gorgeous. i love your lace curtain over the screen door. with the lush garden behind. what a beautiful little room.
i used to love my laundry, tucked under the ceiling slop with 2 skylights and combined with our closet. but i have let it become messy and unloved over the years of being too busy. thanks for the reminder to remember the little tucked away spots.

Krystal Lee said...

that is the cutest laundry!!! job well done, i say! x