Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Wolf at my door...

Now my sister has this gorgeous blog called
  Wolves at the Door
... and she's nominated me to answer a few questions about myself
(and then nominate a few
fellow bloggers to do the same)

The idea is that you ...

* Post these rules
* Post 11 things about yourself
* Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who tagged you
* Create 11 new questions for the people you tag
* Let the nominees know via a comment or email to their blog

Firstly let me say "Thanks Sis" 
I know I love reading about fellow bloggers and 
what rocks their world so I'm glad to keep the ball rolling...


I drive a big silver diesel engine Toyota Hilux
I love it
(I even named it Stirling)

I married young

I am terrified of clowns
(and hairy worms)

I once had a Rhino pee all over me
(true story)

I talk too much

I am a very hopeFUL friend but a hopeLESS romantic

I'm pretty bossy - not pretty AND bossy... 
... just pretty bossy

I work very VERY VERY hard at NOT being a 
pain in the butt, neurotic perfectionist.
(Dash it all!  ... Is there a better word than neurotic??? I'm sure there is?????)

I used to own a set of ABBA dolls  - I'm really bummed I lost them.

I hope one day to swim with whales

I think....  LOVE really IS all you need.

The Wolves' questions....

Q - If you were to name one book which has most touched your soul
What would it be?
A - There are so many... but just recently Room by Emma Donoghue

Q - If you were to identify one thing you've always been superstitious about, 
What would it be?
A - Can't say I'm a superstitious person but I suppose my fear of clowns
says a bit about my psyche??

Q - Do you have a particular song or type of music which you 
turn to when you are feeling down? 
A song that elevates you and makes you feel alive?
A - Hold on Tight by E.L.O .... and The Muppets - MahNa MahNa :-)

Q - If you could have someone famous read your eulogy 
Who would you like it to be?
A  - Chris Rock or Rick Moranis or Jack Black
(or maybe Optimus Prime.... for my son's sake) 

Q - If you were to receive a prize for one aspect of your character 
What would you want it to be for?
A - Well it would be great if bossy-ness was cool?

Q - If you were to give a one word answer to the question 
"Why is life worth living?' - What would it be?
A - LoVE 
(of self & of others)

Q - If you were to name a time when your body 
and your mind best worked together to make something happen
 When would it be?
A - Hmmm - tough one... usually all of my best creating comes from 
feelings not thoughts.... my marriage, my son, my parenting, my art... all feelings.

Q  - What would you say is the biggest contributor in life to looking & feeling good?
A - LoVE 
(of self & of others)

Q - If you could name the seven wonders of your house what would they be?
A - Good question! Um... I know I'm supposed to say my family  & pets but technically
they're inhabitants yes? So I'm going to go out on a limb here and say...
My garden, my views, my tea-pot, my book shelves, my Poplar tree, my bed and my
I-pod ... and my chocolate stash ... and my slippers... and my candles.
(I know... I know... that's 10... what can I say?...
 It's a WONDER filled house)

Q - If you were to propose that every person in the world do one thing, 
every day for 15 minutes to better the world 
What would it be?
A - Meditate

Q - And of course... if you could have any super hero powers
Which would you choose?
A - I'm a mum... I've already been given my superpower... and I do try to use it wisely.

There... that only took two hours to come up with!!?? 
Admittedly 'twas a wee bit time consuming but worthwhile I think .....
.... to ponder life's ... STUFF.

Instead of 11 questions I thought I'd just ask people to complete 
these 11 phrases...

1) When I wake up in the morning I usually....

2) My idea of sheer bliss is....

3) The person I would most love to kiss is....

4) I always laugh when....

5) It's most irritating when....

6) If there's one thing I know for sure it's .....

7) I wish I knew how to...

8) Everyone has to agree that....

9) I know it's just not possible but I'd really love to.....

10) I find it fascinating that....

11) I dance because.... 

And the lucky peoples who now get to rack their
brains and try and come up with inspiring and original answers are....
(drum roll please...)

Neesie over at Neesie Natters
(because she's always funny and open and warm)

Krystal over at Krystallee
(because I'm sure her answers will intrigue)

Kylie over at Lucy Violet Vintage 
(because she's a fellow vintage lover like me)

Might I add though ladies... if you find yourself in a mad rush
(or you just don't fancy doing this)
No matter... here in Blog Land we're all pretty easy going
and forgiving....

Oh... and if you find yourself struggling for answers then just 
scrap the list and tell us one thing you've never told anyone before...
Blogging is still gossiping in style ya know...

Have a super one peoples!


Renohacks said...

Hi Ange! Great reading your blog and so nice to meet you! We are very alike. Crazy stuff! I love how you can meet like minded people through this blog thing. We are heading back to NZ just for a quick trip for my sisters wedding. Moving back permanently next year. My Max says 'hi' to your Max! Love from Londontown.

Neesie said...

Wow Ange...just a little pressure then? Eek!
I'm really flattered that you've picked me to participate, but now I HAVE to be funny, open and warm in my answer's...(gulp) :-$
I hope I can deliver ~ watch this space as they say. Ciao for now :D

Eleni said...

Ha ha, great answers, I love these little insights! You could always say "assertive" instead of "bossy" - it sounds more productive!

In My Wild Eden said...

That was very fun to read. It's awesome to be able to get to know you better. Thank you for sharing your fun, witty, wonderful self with us! I hope you are having a great week.

WolvesAtTheDoor said...

An entertaining response Fras, I loves you!

Kylie said...

Hi Angy (this appears to be the only way I can contact you)

Thanks for tagging me. I am notoriously slow at these the mo I have two or three to tackle. I will get there but it's going to take me a while. Sorry.

Btw, I am not a Pisces. I'm a Virgo. I found those little star-signs in a vintage teen annual and thought they were sweet and funny so I decided to post them on my blog each month.

We used to live in the hills not far from Vintage Spinster, but now we're down in the flats (as they say)

Have a great weekend x

erleichda said...

I really love your answers! Funny , sincere, lovely... and I agree it would be nice if bossy was was cool ; )

Nice to get to know you better

Krystal Lee said...

great answers! and i love the accompanying photos too! i am leaving my whole afternoon open to answer all these question haha! x