Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Love the Loving

The most significant gift this blog has given me is a greater sense of 
appreciation for the things that surround me.

Not because they are valuable within themselves....

...but rather for what they represent & the reminders they are that 
I live abundantly - 
with beauty and colour and comfort all around.

I have some lavish treats yes.
(perfume is a weakness of mine I'll admit)

However there are items that were handed down, collected, thrifted...

... gifted, shared, borrowed and used..., played with even inherited. 
Some of these fill me with such a sense of history, joy and purpose.
Often just looking at them can bring a tear to my eye.
(Yes - especially the ones in my tween-agers room - just proves that time really does have wings)

My jewelry collection (however plentiful) is 97.86% costume/dress/cheap/thrifted.
I don't even wear most of it - but I love the colours and the textures 
and the memories attached to each and every piece. 
I like to think that the bits I don't use will be dress ups for little nieces
(or nephews?)

Other blogs that I follow have inspired me to see many of my homes nooks and crannies 
in a different light too and I feel such a sense of community when we share 
these glimpses into our lives with the rest of the world.
Yes we can edit our experiences - show only the "best bits" - but I don't really feel we do.
In fact I feel we share the mundane, the challenging and the everyday in a way that enhances our 
mutual love for truth and beauty and authenticity.

Admittedly I tend to read more female-authored blogs than male ones.
However gender aside I still see the same themes, notions and ideas raised regardless.
 It all seems to be about our love to just ... LOVE.

I have to say though...

whether it's food or fairy lights...

big things, little things, weird things or pretty things....

I for one... am loving the Loving.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

To have a real affection for the ordinary, the trivial, the simple pleasures in life is, indeed, something to be treasured. For, although one may have aspired at some point to the 'great', the 'magnificent' or the 'extraordinary' it is the day to day comforts of a happy, loving home that really matters. We think that as one ages one comes to realise this and to also be aware that life can be turned upside down in an instant, so seize the day and enjoy!!!

Vintage Jane said...

What a lovely post and lovely glimpses of YOUR treasures and treasured items. Your ET reminds me of going to see the film with my parents ... my dad laughed all the way through it, whilst I cried! I must get a copy for little man - he would love it. Have a grat weekend. M x

chasing lightning bugs said...

what a wonderful collection of lovely photos and lovely thoughts. isn't it true that loving where you are and who you are and all the little moments that happen is a treasured way to live.
i love your little amber bottle with giant lavender flower flopping out of it. your pictures are marvelous.