Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Antics

A very wet weekend.
Still coughing and spluttering but on the mend.


Turned up the music and loved my home back into order.
So satisfying getting all the floors done and filling the home with flowers.


Where did Saturday go?
Disappeared in a flash it did.
Memorable highlights include seeing the cutie nieces
and sharing a "champagne therapy session" with my besty.
(Thanks Jax)


As I mentioned in the last post I am in the midst of putting together
a gift for a friend who is brilliant in the kitchen. She makes the most delicious
Blackberry Jam I have ever consumed and I thought in order to repay her in kind,
my gifts should be hand made too.

However - preserves are not really my forte so I am sticking to 
more crafty tokens and these clay tags (for her gastronomic delights) 
are the next part of my gift. 

I rolled out the clay as you would pastry. Then using cookie cutters I shaped them.
Next you pierce a hole in them so that twine can be added later.

I used a letter-press set to add some words.

Quite chuffed with the end result really.
The clay is from Spain and very reasonably priced.

After allowing it to air dry you can paint or varnish them.
I'm thinking I'll leave mine unpainted. 
Bit more rustic methinks.

Then time for more music and a spot of sewing.
Lit the candles - rain outside. 
Hubby & Prince at a country football match.
House to myself.
Blissfully peaceful and therefore - productive.

By the way - if you have the chance to listen to this then do.
Loreena Mckennit is truly something else.

Finished the tote....

.... complete with a pouch to house the muslin food covers.

Then all that was left to do was oraganize a tray of bliss...

Curl up on the couch and ....

(I think I too shall toast cheese and bread over an open fire one day... in a manor
house.... wearing the very latest poplin and ribbons...)

..... relax.

Sigh.... all in all a wonderful weekend.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

We really think that your clay tags are enchanting and we are certain that your friend, of jam fame, will be delighted with her gift. We too rather like them uncoloured and unvarnished. We imagine that they would also convert, individually, to rather stylish decorations for the Christmas tree.

Mrs. Gaskell is a writer who, in our view, deserves to be more widely read as a social commentator of Victorian England.

chasing lightning bugs said...

what a lovely weekend you had. i agree with the hattatts and think your tags are marvelous.
i hope your week is as lovely as your weekend seems to have been.