Friday, September 2, 2011

Things I love....

Love dried leaves

Love linen table napkins

Love red wine

Love wooden stamps

Love ribbon

Love old keys

Love little glass bottles

Love sprigs of flowers from the garden

Love old school rulers

Love twine

Things you love?
Do share.


PS - If you are wandering around Blog Land today please drop in and say hello to Eleni.
If blogs were people then hers would be "the cool chick you want in your gang"
She has just received a blog award and a visit to her virtual world will surely make you smile
 (or laugh out loud as I did in her last post!)
Although we live in different hemispheres I feel a kindred connection that fosters our mutual respect for tea, toast and all things joyful.
Thanks Eleni! 


WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Frasier I think you should/can/might do if you want to, more of these delightful photos which are like snaps of satisfying heart 'likes'!

Eleni said...

[blushes] You're too kind :)

Vintage Jane said...

I love, love, love all the things you love. I think you stole the list from my head!!! M x