Sunday, September 11, 2011

Loving Green...

Having a love affair with Green at the moment.

All of it's shades and it's hues

  I like it dark & I like it light
(Perhaps less fond of it in Lime or Flouro though)

Thing is, I've always fancied myself a Blue Person.

In fact, I had no idea that I had so many green bits around me....

It's versatility against other colours makes it so easy to mix and match around the house.

Do you have a colour that keeps popping up?
One you're drawn to?

 Perhaps you like to wear it?

Perhaps it reminds you of something?

 Do share...



Eleni said...

Oh yes, green is much better than blue! Green is my favourite, although I wear a lot of red. Unfortunately I cannot wear green and red together, because it makes me look like an elf.

Vintage Jane said...

I love green too - wear lots of it, eat it, use it, look at it!! Love green glass, green jumpers, green jewels, green eyes, green woods ... Love raspberry pink too! M x

JB said...

I know a country where there's LOTS of it!