Monday, September 12, 2011

Making, Sewing, Planting and Waiting....


A tote - for a lady who has made me so many delicious treats (hope this compares)

Made from a thick linen and this pretty floral fabric.

The idea is that it will hold these Muslin food covers....

... and this large picnic food cover.
I've sewn white pebbles into the outer seam. 
So it wont blow away on a blustery day.

It's not finished yet due to a small mishap with my machine needle... Ooops.

Still it has been enormously rewarding to sit and potter away making bits and bobs.


We also bought a new coffee table
 (don't like that word for some reason)
Actually it's a "beaten aluminium coffee drum" - if we're going for specifics.
Have to wait two weeks for it to arrive so Hubby bought us this ....

It will hide all the uglies when our "drum" arrives.


Then I went to Zanthorrea to get my vegies and herbs.
This is truly one of the most special places in all of Perth.
An award winning nursery specialising in native plants.

I only have a photo of this Motorbike frog to show you

Perched on a tag attached to one of the plants I bought.
(we had to coax him off carefully... think he was enjoying the sunshine, as are we all)
I think this place deserves a post of it's own so I'll get onto that when I visit again.

Here's the emerging vegie /herb patch though...

Apart from these vegies we've also planted 
Radishes (white & red), 
Black Russian Tomatoes (how exciting)
Yellow Cherry Tomatoes, Fennel, Cucumber, Rocket, Thyme, Flat Leaf Parsley, Basil (of course)
Oregano and Chives - along with Pyrethrum, Lavender and Marigold to ward off the bugs.

The last photo is of a thrifted picnic basket that Young Prince has his Baby Carrots in.
These baskets make excellent planters because they usually come lined with fabric already.


Next I have a make-over install for this little stand I found on someones 
council verge collection. Along with an old birdcage (also found) I hope to make a
 pretty patio plant ..... thing... (couldn't think of another suitable p word)

And last but not least.... All this gardening has dried out my skin something fierce.

I treated myself to a selection of essential oils and a carrier oil to make a divine
moisturising mix for use all over. The fragrance is so heady and I think that, 
although the oils cost a bit, you actually save in the long run with the amount you can make.
I used Frankincense, Ylang-Ylang, Geranium and Patchouli & then mixed them into Grapeseed oil (because it's not at all greasy and absorbs so quickly)


20ml - Grapeseed Oil
5-6 drops Frankincense
5-6 drops Patchouli
8-10 drops Ylang Ylang
4-5 drops Geranium

If you are not fond of the fragrance of any of these then don't be discouraged.
Rather do a bit of research and find a blend that suits you.
Honestly it's like visiting a spa when you rub it in in after a warm bath or shower
(and of course no nasty chemicals)

Well that's all from me - for the moment.
Hope your week is off to a good start?
Young Prince has a nasty ear infection...
Blaaaah - so it's home with dvd's and the couch
 (not all bad I suppose)
Which reminds me...

Saw the trailer for Season 2 of Downton Abbey!!!!!!!!
(I would have used more exclamation points but I know, I know... we Bloggers need to reserve our punctuation for extreme situations and appropriate grammatical phrasing)

Oh bugger it....

Downton Abbey Season Two....
I already love 


Eleni said...

I only recently learned that marigolds keep bugs away...isn't that magical?! Oh, I wish I had a graden to play with!

Also, I LOVE the smell of frankincense, and am now quite jealous of your yummy homemade lotion :)

Vintage Jane said...

What a lovely pressie to make for your friend. She will love it, I'm sure ... I would!

I love using essential oils too. Like the sound of your mix and will give it a go. M x