Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kalamunda ... my town

I've always wanted to call Kalamunda home - well for as long
as we've lived in Western Oz anyway. 
Hubby and I imagine it
to be the closest thing to living in an English Village as possible.
You have a "green" you have "history" and you 
have a very cute pub.

As you drive into town you are greeted by Stirk Park.
Filled with the most stunning Euculypts, Maples and Poplars
(I am obsessed with Poplars)

It undergoes
the most magical transformations every season. 

Upon approaching the town centre, you are 
greeted by our iconic "Gum-nut" fountain.

I L♥ve (with a CAPITAL L) it when a
community see the worth in spending money 
on items of beauty. 

Commissioned by the Smiths Sculptors it
perfectly reflects what Kalamunda is known for....

Nature .... Trees ... Water ... Greenery 
& of course Beauty.

The park has a small amphitheatre...
(not very cleary shown in this photo but if you 
look closely you can see the roofline)

We host an annual event called Jazz in the Park 
as well as a number of festivals
 and smaller concerts.

Most of the time though it's 
filled with locals of all ages relaxing, 
sharing a picnic, feeding the ducks
 or dozing under a tree.
(on this particular morning it registered
 only 2 degrees outside  - so nobody 
lazing around just yet)

This cottage plays a significant role in our
towns history and we now have a
History Village which details 
a number of our community's milestones
and listed buildings.

I paid a little visit to our History Village and
I loved it. But more of that in another post.
The sun has emerged and methinks I need
to grab my novel, a rug and a thermos.
There's a Poplar with my name on it.


Here's to a cracking week peoples.
Wishing you all bundles of Monday energy and
for all you Mums who are sending kids back to school
(if you're anything like me)
Hang in there ... next holidays are only 66 sleeps away!
If you are of the ilk that desperately longs for school holidays
to come to an end ... well then all I can say is ... Boo to you.
Nah just kidding  - I only have one child (who by all
accounts can dress himself now) so I can empathise if
you have a larger litter and you're ready for a break :-) 


In My Wild Eden said...

I always hated sending my kids back to school. I disliked it so much that I went with them and volunteered. Eventually the school hired me to be the art teacher, a teacher's aide and a substitute teacher. I ended up going to school with them everyday which made us all happy (I made sure they were okay with it). I wasn't always with them but I was close by. We loved school holidays- then we all got the day off. Now they are all but grown and I can't follow them out into their lives. But we are close and I get to see them often!

Heather said...

Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)

Littlewoodenshoe said...

Hi I found your blog because I am looking into moving into a country town next year iff possible I found about Kalamunda markets and then found your blog. Do you
In Kalamunda? How is the community in Kalamunda? Are the public school good? I'm studying to become a primary teacher and was told to look into moving into the country once I get my degree. Could you give me any info? Thank so much in advance. Your photos are awesome by the way! :)