Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thrifted loveliness...

but sweet and special nonetheless... 

This graduated, 3 spouted glass measuring jug ... 

my favourite .... 

... along with these two little fellas - I love how
the have a sort of "higher than thou" expression ....

... a couple of gorgeous tablecloths - perfect for picnics....

... battered old cook ware .... the best kind ....

... a small depression glass bowl .... kind of art deco in feel
and useful for all my crafty bits ....

As you can see in these images, I had some lovely
light pouring in through the lounge room window... the 
bonus of having a few AMAZINGLY beautiful sunny days 
bunched together in the midst of Winter.

We have spent them working in the yard - unfortunately removing a few
Wattle trees from our front garden. This has left a rather barren
and exposing hole which I simply must do something about.
We have always been blessed with a screen that
impedes passers by of looking straight into our kitchen window.
Now I need to find a fast growing native shrub that will 
do the job and do it quickly! 

So I'm off to Zanthorrea to find me some indigenous beauty.

I have a million things to organise before 
we go away and I'm usually pretty good at sticking
to my lists - I do feel however that a trip to the 
nursery will prove a distraction from all the tasks at hand.
You see it's another GLORIOUS day and I'm afraid
all I can hear is the outdoors calling to me and offering me 
a leave pass from all the housework.

I do hope that wherever you all are today you too 
get to do something special that requires more 
love than self discipline. 

Have a superb one peoples... xx


Anonymous said...

what beautiful finds you brought home,

Neesie said...

What brilliant finds but three spouts is just greedy!
I have a jug like that but mine only has one spout...I feel positively lacking now :$
I had to giggle at the two little fellas because they reminded me of my Mufftypup ~ she definitely must have modelled for them.
What beautiful light filtering through your windows...ahh...I remember that but today we've been in the dark and wet!
Roll on Spring :D

In My Wild Eden said...

I'm glad you are having beautiful days and I hope you get to enjoy them. A trip to the nursery sounds great. I love seeing your wonderful finds!

chasing lightning bugs said...

oh that jug.....holy moly, i love it. i'm feeling great tugs of jealousy!
our kitchen window sits on the street too. i have my meadow garden that is wild and overgrown, but causes people to stare so instead of screening from the street, i am on display. but i've grown used to it, i suppose.
have a wonderful holiday!!!!