Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My world at the moment...




* Creativity has kept my fingers and my brain very busy recently. Sitting at my desk and fiddling away with bits and bobs is a past time I'll never tire of ....

* We have a birthday coming up soon. A brother whom I adore, even though he throws his birthday cards away right after he reads them ... true.

* We have a wedding coming up soon. I'm not the most adventurous person when it comes to colour in clothes... do you agree that this Tree Of Life sheer stunner (with hand embroidered beading) is a step in the right colour confident direction? Cough cough... to be teamed with heels that really are comfortable (hallelujah!) and tailored white linen trousers....cough cough... photos MAY follow.... if I don't fall over**

*I am persisting with terrariums... I know that many plants out there are not happy to hear this... I understand that a slow and painful death behind glass - with an audience is ... well ... awful really, but please bear with me....

* These roses are from my garden ... I think think they are PERFECTION.

* I love bottles. I hate removing stickers from bottles - especially if the glue is cheap & nasty and could probably fix the Titanic. Still - I persisted with these small green ones and I'm soon to fulfil a (small) fantasy with them....

*The bird life at the moment is nothing short of amazing. Not so much due to numbers or even variety, but rather due to mess making and violent, aggressive, territorial mating activities. Have you ever seen eight male Honey Eaters in a modest plum tree battling over a nest... not pretty peoples.

* I (finally) got round to spray painting my kerbside find... I have three ideas for it and I'm sure I'll take another year to decide which one to go with... sigh....

How are you all? Sending much light and love to all affected by Hurricane Sandy.
Can you believe that it's only ** more sleeps until Christmas??? Apologies but I can't type the number for fear of breaking out into hives.

My weekend is filled with social engagements, dress ups, little people and music.
I'm excited.

** It's kinda my thing ... I fall over A LOT. Surely adding heels and a formal occasion to the mix "ups the stakes"? (Just ask Murphy)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A minute from my morning

We've had crazy weather lately. Four seasons in a day complete with a thunderstorm or two.
Summer soaks through the skin with a humidity that is quite unexpected for this time of year.

My garden needs extra water and the chickens are seeking out shade in the midday hours. The pool blanket has been removed and the string lights unpacked. I have a list as long as my arm of all the necessary tasks to tend to before the festive season begins.

This translates to an alarm clock set just that one hour earlier; and bedtime just that one hour later (or does it?) Never the less as I endeavour to make sure all gets done I'm reminded of a wonderful quote from an Aesop fable ... "slow and steady wins the race"

Here's a minutes footage from my morning ... the fog was ghostly and the birds chorused loudly whilst I took an outside shower. It was such an atmospheric moment that I thought a still image might not quite suffice....

No at all what you'd call a Summer's morning. 
How was your weekend peoples? 
We were asked to "dog-sit" for friends.
It was fun.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Arthur and Lancelot....

Do you suppose Guinevere's affair really happened?
Truth is, this supposed indiscretion is nothing more than folklore... (albeit enchanting)
... and let's face it, the tale is burdened with the drama that we earthlings so love to devour...

But what if Arthur and Lancelot were just the two greatest loves her heart could
ever hold?

Love that swelled and confused and tore her in two.

What if there was no forbidden consummation but rather abject consternation?

I wonder what will happen when another person falls in love with my son...

... knowing what it feels like to look at a man with desire and hope and
a whole bunch of butterflies painting the ceiling of your stomach... awful really.

I look at my boys and I shake my head.
I smile and I shake my head.
How could this sneak up on me?
This mammoth love?

How can two men hold the heart of one woman at the same time?
How did we go from "resembling the father" to "wrestling with father"?
How did we move from little to large .... whilst still maintaining killer dimples?

The last time I reminded him to "ask my permission before he grew another inch"
Do you know what he had the nerve to say to me?
"Love you Mum"

Pfffffff ... Guinevere. I'm on your side.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Perfect spouts on a teapot = major satisfaction ... yes?
Depression glass = excellent storage possibilities, interesting vases & more ... yes?
Kitsch trays = conversation starters ... yes?
Hand painted enamel dishes = true love... yes?
Vintage fabric = eco-friendly possibilities ....yes?
Yellowed & frayed Webster Dictionary (with small diagrams) = swooning ... yes?
Medicinal and scientific vessels = unusual, interesting & Sibella Court worthy stills ... yes?
Little silver apples for a dollar each = me with a stupid grin on my face ... yes? YES.

I have quite a bit of catching up to do. I have not visited you all for quite some time.
Blame this on Boardwalk Empire peoples.
I'm making tea and sourcing chocolate as we speak. I look forward to reading all about what
you have thrifted lately, gifted lately, ventured lately and of course loved lately.

Aside - Have you read this? Have you seen this? And have you eaten these?
Even if German film and literature is not exactly your bag.. you cant deny those fritters look yummy...
Yes? Ummm.... YES.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A ramble of gratitude...

Morning shower, outside... bird visits, and watches - penny for it's thoughts
Great banana with breakfast - not under not over but just ripe
Traffic a non-event
A lingering kiss
Cake (baked the night before) shared at work
(Cake goes really well with tea due to it's citrus/almond flavour)
Ample water consumption manages to keep usual "staring at a screen" headache at bay
Weekend plans looking good if not darn good
Conversations are FULL, complete and authentic
New music is shared
Head buzzing with ideas
Fingers itching to make
A day to highlight with the pink neon pen on the happiness calender

Today someone I love celebrates her birthday in heaven.
"Happy Birthday you ♥ ...
           I want you to know I stopped and smelled ALL the roses. I really did"

Monday, October 8, 2012

Invitation ...

Would you like to come with us to the beach?

Truth is we don't get up to much .... digging, duning and a 
wee bit of lazing around soaking up the rays.

Still ... you're welcome anytime Xx