Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'm going to knit... yes... I am.

It's cold outside.
Positively chilly.
I live in Perth -  Western Australia.
It's a big deal when it gets cold - cos it's a VERY big deal when it gets HOT.
(No I don't mean 34 and sunny and cheery and beachy... I mean 42, my back is
a slip & slide and I want to move to Juno and eat raw fish!)

So I am going to make hay while the sun shines... Hang on that's not right?

Thing is... there are certain acts that just...
 "up the cosy factor" 
and make me feel all lit up inside.
Knitting is definitely one of those acts.
I'm not very good at it - no false modesty here - truly I'm actually
the worlds most crap free styling yarn weaver ever!
Sort of like scat singing only with (k)needles :-)

Its the act... not the product!!
I'm going to knit... Yes... I am.

PS - The above image is taken from a vintage 
Golden Hands mag.
I've doctored it just a little :-) 
PPS - I wish I could knit me a safari style jumper like that though - the belt 
adds such a sense of security ..... just in case your zipper breaks - you know you're covered.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Chilly Chicken Love...

Had an operation on Monday
(nothing serious)
but it has required that this week be tackled
a whole lot slower...

... So I have been nursed by Hubby in a fashion that makes 
Florence Nightingale look mean and uncaring...

... tending to my (rather odd) needs, requests, 
whims and of course ...

... tea addiction - as it turns out no operation
can cure this affliction ...

Still - who cares about that when you know that Autumn 
is lurking (which means I'll be wearing my woolies soon!)  and ...
... that tea does in indeed taste better ...

... the cooler the weather. Yes Sir.
I was ecstatic to find myself in slippers and a jumper
this morning due to an overcast sky and a definite chill in the air.
You know what this means don't you?

That's right!! Autmum is here which means ....
(All those crazy summer lovin
 people block your ears now)
Winter is around the corner!!
Whoop whoop!

My meteorological proof lies in the very obvious lack 
of greenery on the branches of our Almond tree.
When she sheds she SHEDS and, although the adjacent Poplar has 
hesitated to affirm the cooler season's approach I find that 
our dear Prunis Dulcis can be trusted.

It's funny that certain plants in the garden bare such testimony to a dry 
and warm summer whilst others 

... look rejuvenated and ready to burst forth into bloom.
Speaking of rejuvenated ...

.... look what I had for breakfast this morning!
It starts off looking like the above photo....

... but then ends up looking like this!
And yes ... I know, I know... looks rather dodgy, but let 
me assure you it's quite yummy.
Papaya, Banana, Lemon, Mint and Kale.
In a blender with filtered water to achieve a "smoothie"
consistency - most nutritious and just what the
body needs right now.

So with liquid breakfast in hand I head
off to the chicken run to collect eggs.

My beautiful girls are always so happy to see me.
This is Lilith - she loves a cuddle.
I love you Lilith.

Here she is with Maris - who does NOT like a cuddle - 
but who does apparently LOOOVE Papaya.
Tropical chooks .... go figure.

Dear sweet, rather daft Daphne ... (but Shhh I never say that in front of her!)
... is still broody - here she is giving me the evil eye
because I need to get Lilith and Maris's eggs out from underneath her...

Once I've managed that she usually comes off the nest for 
a quick catch up with her sister Roz ...
(and just in case you're wondering - Yes... our chickens
are named after all the ladies in Frasier)

... and then a quick feed of oats (her favourite)
before heading back to the nest to keep her (now missing)
eggs warm - should they hatch... which they wont because we
don't have a Rooster. Try telling this to Daphne... Hah... all she does
is cluck away frantically until she is back in the laying box.
I love you Daphne.

And I love you Roz...

And even though you don't like cuddles - I love you too Maris.
What's your week been like peoples?
Your weekend? Any plans?
Mine - Blues and Roots Festival in Fremantle - sans any alcohol...
(should be VERY interesting!!)
Have a good one peoples!! 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Arcadia at the Heath Ledger Theatre...

Dinner at the MOON cafe in bustling Northbridge...
(Reminds me so much of Melbourne... sigh)
... then off to see Tom Stoppard's genius play Arcadia.
My first time at the Heath Ledger Theatre - love it.
Future plans now involve many more evenings such as this...
... for sure.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Stylish Laundry....

Well as most people who know me know - 
I love my home, I love making my home comfortable, I love decorating my home
and I especially love having things I like to look at out on display....

... even in my loo!

Well it's my loo and laundry combined actually
(I'm pretty grateful for a second water closet in a 50 year old cottage!)

I have a small space directly opposite the toilet that fits the washer
and then I have a lovely handmade wooden bench top
 and a small little butler sink. 
We were really blessed to have found a home 
where all the renovations were
 tasteful and discreet whilst still maintaining a bit of character

Whilst most people would think I was bit of a nutter going to any 
lengths to make a utility space look pretty; 
I actually think it's paramount that I 
love what I see when I'm tending to everyday cleaning and washing...

As you can see I have a thing for Blue... in all it's shades....

I've hung some of my tea towel bunting
along the door that leads out to the patio and across the wall toward the
vintage mirror I picked up for $10 at a Salvos!

This art work was made by Young Prince (when he was 5)
and it's travelled all about our homes over the years...

It's hanging directly above the washing machine in a small 
corner as you step into the room.
I might add that although there seems to be a lot in this space it really 
is quite tiny. (Maybe 3 metres squared?)

Still it does the job...

Instead of some hideous fly mesh/security door 
I chose to hang lace curtain material (off cuts from a bargain bin at Spotlight)
across all the doorways that lead outside. 
I love it when the breeze billows the curtains and you can hear all the birds outside...

So there you have it.
A little nook of my home for you to see.
What about you? Do you have a snazzy laundry space?
When I consider the fact that there are still ladies (maybe men too?)
I love this space EVEN more.
Whilst I have no doubt that a community singing and chanting whilst beating
their undergarments on a rock CAN provide for a harmonious and pleasant
experience - I think the privilege of one touch technology in a room lit with 
string lights is ... well ... more my style :-) 

Have a good one peoples! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Myalup Magic...

It begins and ends with the beach...

.... and it was bliss.


PS - Welcome to my new (and not so new) followers.
I am but a humble blogger and to know that I share this charmed life
with all of you lovely people is just such sweet icing on the cake.
Have a great week peoples!

PPS - 'Twas my birthday last week and boy was I spoilt rotten! 
Everything from a Taj Mahal supply of chocolate through to the coolest
pair of slippers I've ever owned.
However (and I hope this does not offend)
my two favourite gifts were not bought, wrapped up or
from anyone I know...
They were the mystical, magical kind....

* A cinema ALL to myself 
(felt like a celeb)

* Swimming with a dolphin as the sun was setting
(lasted all of 20 blissful minutes!!)

Tis true... the best things in life really are free
(That's me in the cinema... all by myself... 
hence the darkness)