Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nelson Mandela, Madiba ... Tata ...

You have always been in my world.
Your name was whispered by some and growled by others.
I wrote about you in school essays and assignments.
Treason. Racism. Equality. Fear. Forgiveness.

27 years.

How does education win a battle more effectively than petrol bombs and riots?
How do words heal wounds that run deep?
How does a loving soul set the example?
How does a smile, a joke and a light hearted approach ease the burden?
How does forgiveness from one man transform the lives of millions?

The answer lies in your life.

Madiba, I have never met you. Yet I feel as though it's my Grandfather who lies sick in bed.
I feel an ache because I know that when we lose a loved one the world just seems to go grey.
The colour drains and, for a while at least, there are no rainbows - only stormy clouds.
I see prayers, vigils, posters and people with hands raised to the heavens. 
They do so because they know that letting you go will hurt so much. 
You are their anchor and they do not want to drift again. 

When I see these tears, I see that they fall from the eyes of people with many varied skins.
They are black and white and coloured and yellow. 
They don't yet realise that they ARE the rainbow you leave behind.

How can I ever thank you?


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Exposing myself....

"When I was littler … fresher… tender … less … not as mature as I am today… there are so many ways to try and say younger but really I am only balking from that word because I don’t believe it means unknowing, less wise… and to admit that I “struggled with anorexia when I was young” and to connect youth with that seemingly unnatural act is to imply that “now I know better… am cured… have recovered” … not true. 

I am recovered but I still have that scar. The wound is all better but you can still see it. Well I know it’s there and I can show it to you if you like.

Anorexia – the ultimate disconnection. The crazy attempt to control the uncontrollable. The sad, fractured and lonely mindset that this beautiful, crazy, sexy life is somehow not within me but out there trying to act upon me.

Nature was one of the most powerful healing forces in my journey through to self respect, love and appreciation.

Seeing – TRULY SEEING – a world that turned itself upside down (literally) to give me the gift of a sunrise, the flight of a bird, the touch of the rain. This world was not out to get me. So I stopped trying to stay on the tightrope.

I fell… I dropped … and the net was there.

Letting go takes faith. Faith is always rewarded. Faith requires going within and to go within we definitely need to embrace the outer. It’s just a logical step. Nature can be the miraculous mirror that reflects back our worthiness. Existing without judgement to dazzle us every second of every day and night"


This is a comment I recently posted on the blog of an amazing lady called Kelsey. You may know her  from the inspiring place that is  HappyYolks* -  which she shares with the world, enlisting a voice so strong, so authentic and so brave it inspired me to ...  for want of a better phrase... expose myself.

THIS POST in particular had me quietly crying and I felt compelled to add to the list of (supportive) comments. In fact, for quite some time afterwards I was left pondering why her words touched me so deeply. I came to the conclusion that it was because it was as though it was written about me and for me all at once - addressing a topic which we've all heard bandied about from various perspectives and in differing tones. A topic which I'd love to know your thoughts on?

Whilst I never set out to use my blog for the purposes of sharing deeply personal material, it has occurred to me (over time) that it's ALL pretty personal stuff really.

I finished off my comment with the words to an Eddie Vedder song titled "No Ceiling" I'll leave you with the words and I hope that you pop on over and read the post that inspired this one. Then maybe pop on back to tell me what you think.

Thank you gorgeous peoples... I hope you all know how truly beautiful you all are.

No Ceiling

Comes the morning
When I can feel
That there’s nothing
Left to be concealed
Moving on,
a scene surreal
Know my heart will never
Never be far from here
Sure as I’m breathing
Sure as I’m sad
I’ll keep this wisdom
In my flesh
I leave here believing
More than I had
And there’s a reason I’ll be
Reason I’ll be back
As I walk
the hemisphere
Got my wish
to up and disappear
I been wounded
I been healed"


* Kelsey is a very talented writer but her blog does not only evoke the philosophical reader it also tempts the tastebuds ... as is evidenced by the amazing recipes she shares.... like this one!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jaimie's Italian - Perth

Warning food porn coming up....

Don't say I didn't warn you...

I might as well have had "BLOGGER" tattooed in the middle of my forehead. 
(I would've taken even more pics of the sexier than allowed waiter but y'know... ahem...)

We thought we'd have to return after an hour and a half, maybe two - the average waiting time for a place at this establishment (and it hasn't changed in three months)

Hubby was a genius - asked if we could sit at the antipasto bar - perfectly adequate ... if not a tad more exciting (you can watch the chefs work their culinary magic) ... for a party of two.

A toss up between two wines - we went with the Grotta Rossa ... the right choice for sure.

A meat slicing machine (i'm sure there's a proper name for it) that had me mesmerised.

A truffle risotto, a beef special, a pasta, crispy squid, mocktails, beer and a sour cherry bakewell you'd sell your mother for  .... oink oink.

Waiter staff that all look like they've stepped off a catwalk... clever marketing.

Jaime love runs big (HUGE... MAHOOSIVE actually) in our house. We fell for this Essex dude years ago when he was just starting out and since then our admiration has only grown. We were lucky enough to dine at Fifteen in London and my son has always referred to that meal as "the best he's ever had"... that is until we took him here to Jamie's Italian in Perth ..... oink oink that day too as I recall. 

I'm not a food or restaurant critic so I wont pretend. I just know that I love food (correction  - good quality food, locally sourced produce, excellent flavours ... you know the drill), I love a great atmosphere and I love people who wear their passion on their sleeve. 
In the words of Arnie... I'll be back. ♥♥♥

... and THIS is how the night ended....

"Daisy Werthan: Hoke?
Hoke Colburn: Yes'm.
Daisy Werthan: You're my best friend.
Hoke Colburn: No, go on Miss Daisy.
Daisy Werthan: No, really, you are...
[Takes Hoke's hand]
Daisy Werthan: You are.
Hoke Colburn: Yes'm.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Winter of Content....

* Showering outdoors ...  you hurry to get under the hot spray of loveliness but linger to exit. You run inside chased by the wind and you melt in front of the heater. It's all about freezing your sweet patootie off in order to REALLY appreciate that cup of tea, that warm jumper, those toasty slippers. The contrast forces an absurd gratification and the reward is all the more sweeter for it.

* Food and Drink... it all takes on a new meaning for me when the weather cools down. It becomes sustenance rather than calories. I find myself seeking out comfort food like a truffle hunting boar. I cannot stay away from the pantry, I linger at the refrigerator, I don't even bother putting away the toaster. No Sir. It's time to fatten up. Hibernation is upon us and we must be ready to face Spring with a renewed strength to our constitution. 

* Making ... As the degrees descend I find it easier to locate that inner sanctum. The quiet place where ideas flow more readily and creativity entertains, rather than eludes, me. Words are everywhere like shells on the shore. Treasure hunting is fun. I am not taunted by the clock, instead it's ticking comforts me. I can make a brew... locate the chocolate stash (good for hibernation and creation) ... and then in a hedonistic state of catatonic rapture I am able to make things, write things, craft things and read things... and not for any end purpose either ...  No -  just for the sheer luxury of it. It's too cold outside.... best read a book.... it's raining... best start knitting .... it's wet and miserable... best make some bunting. Absurd to some. Completely logical to me. 

* Sunshine... an oxymoron to most I know - but Sunshine really is my favourite thing about a Perth Winter. It's all the pros and no cons... it's the blackcurrant lollies so rare in the mix... the lucky find... the gem. You can let it soak into your bones and there is not a bead of sweat to be seen. You can dry the linen naturally... you can spread the rug on the lawn... you can take tea in garden... with the chooks. The humble front patio setting, small and unassuming, quickly become the best seats in the house. The pooch knows it and will not budge for bone nor breakfast in a bid to savour every shard that comes his way. 

This is Winter for me peoples. It just feels like a time to be inexcusably content. Running from vehicle to front door in a downpour - content that you are sheltered. Thermal underwear - content that you are warm. Gardening - content that there are no flies. Appeased, fulfilled, smug, gratified... all synonyms for CONTENT.

What does Winter mean to you? What emotions does it evoke from you? Do you even like Winter? Is yours a wet or dry one? Do you have activities that you love undertaking when the cosy factor is increased? Are you a "big scoffer of all foodstuffs" ... as I seem to be? Family traditions? Bonfires? Favourite films? Do share. ♥

Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Sister!

*spar·kle  (spärkl)
v. spar·kledspar·klingspar·kles
1. To give off sparks.
2. To give off or reflect flashes of light; glitter. See Synonyms at flash.
3. To be brilliant in performance.
a. To shine with animation: He has eyes that sparkle.
b. To flash with wit: Her conversation sparkled all evening.
5. To release gas bubbles; effervesce: Champagne sparkles.
To cause to flash and glitter: Sunlight was sparkling the waves.
1. A small spark or gleaming particle.
2. A glittering quality.
3. Brilliant animation; vivacity.
4. Emission of gas bubbles; effervescence.

For my partner in crime. Nadya... you make Tinkerbell look shabby.


* definition taken from here

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Indonesia in eight ....

I promised I would sum up my jaunt to the Tropics in only eight images ....

Offerings made daily to the Gods - marvelled at (and tripped over and slipped on)
The Haven Hotel, Seminyak - beautiful surroundings and brilliant staff.
Motorbikes EVERYwhere! Two wheeled chaos that just seems to work over here.
Hindu deities ... art and craft that blew my mind.
Tropical fruit Heaven.
Flora and Fauna growing abundantly - thoughtfully landscaped and stunningly displayed.
The countryside - rice fields and villagers that left me humbled and in awe.
Critters.... Hmmm ... enough said.

There I did it! I'm not even going to say much more that. 
Let the images speak for themselves.
There is more to share with you regarding this crazy, charismatic and chaotic island... 
    ....but that's another post for another day.