Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Still learning...

My oh my... if anyone had told me that one of the most challenging tasks in Floristry was wire work I would have scoffed and (rather arrogantly) replied "Oh I can handle wire... " Um.. No.
It's hard peoples... maybe not for everyone but for me it. is. haaaaaard.

My humble attempt!

Maybe the fact that I have such large hands and long fingers, makes it even more challenging 
to tackle these fiddly bits. We were asked to make an OTT Corsage and I bought a bunch of Orchids for the class to share (that's why they all look similar) Whilst I'm not one for corsages myself (or any strict symmetrical design for that matter) I do appreciate that young debutantes demand these in droves and they end up being a nice penny earner if you can master them. I am still loving this course more than words can say and I cannot wait to start other components ... like... NOW! I'm a wee bit impatient I'll admit. Next week we tackle staggering in a symmetrical bouquet. On another note....

We attended the Blues and Roots Festival last weekend and had a ball. My favourite act was definitely Rufus Wainwright who stole my heart with his amazing voice and unique song writing. He does a pretty amazing version of this well known number too. We had great weather for it and I left feeling incredibly grateful to live in a country that organises and offers so many fabulous artistic festivals. 

Well peoples I have lots to do to prepare for Easter ... a hearth to decorate, food to purchase, recipes to read, bunting to make.... I'm a little unorganised. I think it's hard to face Easter knowing that I wont be (by choice of course) eating chocolate and drinking tea. Still this juice journey has been AMAZING and I feel so incredibly rejuvenated and renewed... in mind, body and spirit. Only seven more sleeps and I will have completed a 60 day journey that has changed my thoughts on health, nutrition and natural remedies for life. I have a lot to be grateful for this Easter and for me it really is a time of rebirth.
I wish you all a safe a break and a very Happy Easter. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Catch up...

So what's been happening in your world lately? Me? I've had a few small adventures....

A visit to one of my favourite nurseries to purchase a birthday present for a dear friend. We chose a Tahitian Lime tree which has been propagated to a semi-dwarf variety so that it can be planted in the garden or remain in a pot. We have one (in a pot) and they are so juicy - perfect for cooking with and in drinks too. This nursery is amazing and is home to one of my favourite trees in all of Perth ....

... a giant Ghost Gum. I'd need a specialist lens to fit this big boy in. He's just so grand and majestic. 
To stand underneath him is to stand in the shoes of History. This image does him no justice whatsoever.
Secret - I kiss and hug him whenever I go there (usually when no one is looking)

At home I've planted a new succulent garden - images to follow when I've mulched properly. 
This beauty below is one of the feature plants ...

... then finally our Herb Patch has been tended to. Basil, Rocket, Parsley, Coriander, Stevia, Lemongrass, Chillies (six varieties ... for Hubby the crazy Chili fiend) and LOADS of tomatoes. 
Yum! Yay! Whoop Whoop!

Then a jaunt to the city to shop for much needed Winter threads.
This time not for me, but for my growing lad and his Dad.
I was given over to such a sense of joy when I witnessed all these children racing around in the City Square fountains. Not a care in the world as to who was watching.....

Note all the adults watching and supervising but not one actually in the thick of it laughing, giggling and squealing.... Interesting. Imagine how different this world would be if grown-ups lost a bunch of their inhibitions and behaved like kids more often...

... speaking of big kids... Young Prince wolfing down
an ice-cream from David Jones food hall... Note that all the Easter 
Chocolate is out and I'm still on my "cleanse" - no chocolate and no tea 
for me this Easter - crazy huh?

Throw in ...

... a little...

... bit of styling...

... and a birthday ....

.... and there you have it. A quick catch up in to the world that is Tied Up With String. 
Of course my course is still coming along in leaps and bounds and I'm LOVING it. 
This week we look at wire work, button holes and corsages. 

I hope your week is looking up? Have you been busy? What about your plans 
for Easter? Are you going away? Do tell...

PS - The last image is of my birthday wrapping paper
from Hubby... he found a lipstick of mine and covered the 
whole package in kisses... ♥♥♥

Thursday, March 7, 2013

International Woman's Day...

I deliberated (A LOT) about what to say in this post and then I decided that it would be best if I let these amazing ladies speak for me. Jane, Jewel, Gaga, Aung San... you (and countless others) are the kind of souls that make us sit up take notice and stick out our bosom and push out our tush and raise our heads and smile and shout ... "Yeah! That's right. I am woman... hear me now"

For me though being a woman has a lot to do with the contrasting energy that the males in my life provide. They are every bit my role models, inspiration and joy. I recently saw this young man speak and (through a lot of blubbering and Kleenex) I realised that whether you're a woman or a man ... it really only ever boils down to one thing....

Enjoy your weekend peoples. ♥♥♥

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thoughts in point form...

Lest this turn into a blog that only ever contains photos of flowers, I've decided to steer clear of the blooms today peoples. Although last night's class was absolutely fab (we made wreaths) I was unable to get a decent (that means blog-worthy if I'm to be truly honest) photo. We finished up late and by the time I arrived home from the city I was ready for nothing but bed. This morning was a hectic mix of getting the chickens fed, Young Prince to school, the pooch to a play date and back to the city for work.... breathe.

I'm waiting for Winter. Patiently and with great enthusiasm for all the cosiness it brings to my "heaven in the hills" The chickens get more worms, the herbs water themselves and I get to plan activities that involve a lot of sock wearing and tea drinking. I realise that for many this is blasphemy. Summer is the season for living ... say some. I reason that my absurd love for cold weather actually serves a purpose in balancing out the world's surfing, beach going, sun soaking bods with us knitting, fire stoking, book reading folk. No stereotypes intended.

By hook or by crook I'm mastering bread this Winter. Nothing smells better than a freshly baked loaf hot out of the oven (with the exception of fried onions, freshly cut grass, eucalypts after the rain and puppy breath) Hubby bakes a mean wholemeal but I'd like to try my hand at Rye, Sourdough and THIS BREAD... do yourself a favour and check out that link peoples... my mouth waters EVERY time I see it. Oh and if you think this recipe looks dandy then have a browse around, Sarah has created a vegetarian heaven.

I'm looking for some recommended reading. I've exhausted the pile at home and I'm in need of some written word that will A - inspire B - make me cry C - isn't gory, violent or full of sex and D - avoids all the shades of grey. This is as much a request to you my fellow bloggers as it is a shameless hint to my loved ones (my birthday is only 7 sleeps away) 

And last but not least ... a tiny bit of self promoting/boasting/happiness and glee coming up...

The above image was picked as a favourite by the Design Sponge team for an Instagram competition they ran in February. I'll be completely frank here and admit the truth about the discreet squeal I gave when I saw my name on this awesomerrificlyfabulous site... yes sir. I did the happy dance. Small victories are victories nonetheless no? Anyway you can see it here ... and it will look exactly the same as it does here - but there are other cool images to see and of course all the coolness that is Design Sponge to tempt you from the days to-do-list. 

Speaking of... I have a job to get back to and sneaking in blogging time is not part of the job requirements so I'd better sign off and wish you all a very happy weekend filled with all that's groovy.

Please not - I know these images are completely unrelated but I was afraid of new comers visiting my blog and thinking I do nothing but stare at flowers all day long... which I do... but still. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Learning again...

I've bought some new stationery, a binder and fresh pencils to be precise.
I need to go to the hardware store and purchase secateurs, needle nose pliers and
(if I can find it) a device called a rose stripper - which de-thorns them with minimum fuss.
I have a beginners kit containing a multitude of items that I will soon 
be using, the most exciting (and frightening) being my new Swiss Army florist knife. 

Thus far we've looked at compact versus light and airy symmetrical arrangements.
We've had a go at wiring, using the floral knife, prepping oasis, cut flower care, 
product preservation, economising, design elements applicable to symmetry, 
best practice, precautionary measures, the wholesale industry, time management 
and last but not least... botanical names...... phew

Floristry is hard peoples! I mean really hard
Now don't misunderstand me.... I am not under any illusion that 
the Hollywood version of this career actually exists.
You know the one I mean...standing around arranging stunning
blooms in a crystal vase ... whilst the birds tweet and the tea brews.
No sir.

Early hours, quick decisions, fast paced work, grubby hands and very little glory. 
Think about it...
When the man in your life hands you that gorgeous bouquet you don't ever say:
"Oh wow... who did this? I must ring him/her and tell them I love it"

However I've come to understand that it's very rarely about accolades
when you are arranging, designing and creating. Yes you want to know
it looks good, it's liked, loved... admired. Only because you'd obviously 
suck at your job if it didn't. No - you do it because time just stands still.
Everything melts away... housework, bills, world issues, the kids, the duties...
I even forget to finish my tea.

I am not sure what other florists will say when they read this.
I have a friend who insists that even when she's run off her feet she 
couldn't think of any other job that would give her the same satisfaction
and pleasure that working with flowers does.

I'm inclined to agree


It's a long weekend here in Perth. 
Young Prince has a buddy staying over and they're in the pool role playing as their heroes. 
Hubby has just arrived home from a great day at work and I've got "homemade fish and chips" cooking as we speak. The weekend consists of a whole bunch of paperwork, some study for moi ... (botanical names are something else peoples!) reading, swimming, markets and herbs... lots and lots of herbs. I hope wherever you are right now you're looking forward to some fun this weekend. See you on the flip side!