Thursday, January 16, 2014


What do you do to keep calm?
Do you think it's ok to lose your marbles?
Are we really a sea of tranquility beneath it ALL?

What does it mean to stay sane?
Weren't all the greats at least a little bit crazy?

Who sets the benchmark?
How calm is too calm?
Is it good for you...
(even if just once in a blue moon) just go batpoop mad?

What brings you back down ... to the stillness, to the quiet?
Tips to achieve a balance between the go and the stop?

Balance... there's that word again.

I think that's what the future holds for me right now
The challenge of learning to wise-up and let go

Let go of the stuff that does NOT matter
(and let's face it ... only 5% REALLY matters... agreed?)
..and allow what really needs to happen... to happen

I'm thinking (too much)...

... and I'm ready to stop now

To REALLY stop.
The chatter, the crazy, the whoosh, the whirr... you know what I mean yes?

I'm after that stuff they call "inner peace" ...
 and if you've just gagged or baulked or rolled your eyes I can understand

It's such a cliche nowadays that I think we've lost sight
of what it means to have a stillness that you can rely on...

... an inner sanctum that nothing can penetrate...

So much stuff whizzing about the place... the news (eek)
the net, the papers, the shops, the sounds, the workplace, the traffic...

.... Shhhhh...

Just Shhhh for one second please.

I need some calm
... and I need it now

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A little more … a little less...

There's a rhythm in rush these days
Where the lights don't move and the colours don't fade
Leaves you empty with nothing but dreams
In a world gone shallow 
In a world gone lean

Sometimes there's things a man cannot know
Gears won't turn and the leaves won't grow
There's no place to run and no gasoline
Engine won't turn
And the train won't leave

I will stay with you tonight
Hold you close 'til the morning light
In the morning watch a new day rise
We'll do whatever just to stay alive
We'll do whatever just to stay alive 

Well the way I feel is the way I write 
It isn't like the thought of a man who lies
There is a truth and it's on our side
Dawn is coming
Open your eyes
Look into the sun as the new days rise

And I will wait for you tonight
You're here forever and you're by my side
I've been waiting all my life
I can hear your heart as it's keeping time
We'll do whatever just to stay alive

Dawn is coming open your eyes

Dawn is coming open your eyes

Dawn is coming open your eyes

(Music and words by Jose Gonzales)


Happy New Year to all of you lovely wonderful people!
Welcome to new followers and thank you from my core
for taking the time to read my humble "secret garden"

I have yet to collect myself and begin with my own words
so I decided to let these inspiring lyrics say it for me

What I can say for sure though is this:

I'd like my now, my tomorrow and my forever to have just 
a little more play and little less doubt 
a little more hope and a little less stress
a little more fun and a little less pushing
a little more Yessss! and a little less Noooo!

Maybe if I can just tip the scales slightly
I'll slide in the right direction

Your new year?
What would you like a little more of and a little less of?