Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas, New Year... and all in between.

Wrapping, making, preparing, hiding, ♥brown paper & string♥, excitement, chocolate (too much chocolate), noise, laughter, music, prayer, happiness, joy and love ... and heat .... a LOOOT of heat. 

Ok just to be clear I'm talking 40 degrees and no air conditioning peoples. Still ... it was Christmas and it was good. Better than good ... better than the best. We have little kids in the family now (big kids too) and they make the day all that more innocent and valued and sacred. 

Now? Here I sit (and it's still VERY hot) and I'm already planning the menu for New Years Eve. 

Wow.... talk about the "blink of an eye" 

How was your Christmas lovely people? What are your plans for Old Years Night? Ours involves alfresco dining, iced tea, Prosecco and the pool. The little kids will get glow sticks and the big kids will get sparklers. I will get teary. 

It's been such an amazing year and I am super excited about taking on new challenges and facing old fears and making new things and trying out old dreams. What will 2013 bring? I have some ideas but in truth a new year always brings with it a few unexpected surprises, a few old habits and a whole lot of "I'm not so sure but I'm going to give it my best shot anyway" 

So to wrap up the year I thought I'd share a little of my festive fun... 
Until we see each other in the New Year ... Light & Love to you all ♥♥♥

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Have you heard of Instagram?

Says Sister A to Sister B (I'm Sister B by the way) 
Sister B: "Well yes I have but I have my blog"
Sister A: "You'd love it"
Sister B:  "I love Hipstamatic - there are more effects, lenses etc"
Sister A: "You'd love it"
Sister B: "Yeah but..."
Sister A: "I just think you'd love it"

Sister B always hold what Sister A says with high regard but still lingers ... I mean do we really need MORE social media? 

(Aside: More people learnt of last weeks tragedy in America through Facebook then through any other media form... Twitter next... CNN last - Am I the only one who finds this monumental shift in our collective unconsciousness craaaayzeee?)

Then Sister B finds out you can follow celebrities on Instagram ... 
Style celebrities that is.
(insert exclamation marks here)
... and of course... Gorgeous talented and super spunky Sister A.....

Needless to say, Sister A is now an Instagrammer.
A few facts - the front door is mine, the pooch is mine and this gate below ...

.... is mine too. Blessed? I think so.


How are your Christmas plans coming along peoples? I had a minor hissy fit when I heard that it would be 40 degrees here in Perth. FORTY DEGREES peoples. My constant background playlist consists mainly of crooners singing about snow in one form or another..... hmmm.... the irony.
Still, I am safe, I have family, I have a pool, I have love. 
I keep thinking about the families who have lost a tremendous amount (in the spotlight of the media) and I'm reminded of how useless any complaints ever are. I guess that's another reason to embrace social media - it allows us to connect instantly and the more of us that post, tweet, blog or gram anything positive the more we tip the scales in favour of hope. 
Ok.. thats' my cheesy soap box moment. I'm off to feed my chooks and get ready for my Christmas work function ... Only 4 more sleeps peeps! ♥♥♥

Monday, December 17, 2012

Looking back....

In the festive season I find myself looking back. As though something lurks.

Have I forgotten to do something?

Have I remembered to give something?

Do I remember the last time we did this or we did that?

My mind is a blur of lists, loves, longings and learning curves....

Recent events ... sad events ... events that tear up hearts and break open souls... they are what some families will look back upon now.

They are the memories that scar this special time for those who have just lost a loved one.

Truth is we face this every day. Some will pass away on the day itself.

Always there are those left behind who look back...

This post is for you. I hope that as you do look back you see past the darkness and remember the times when the lights shone brightly and the sparkle of Christmas made your heart sing.

Love and light to you all.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Catch up....

It's school holidays!! oh me oh my I could not be happier ... my boy is just as excited....
farewell year eight.... hello summer fun....

....milkshakes and cake at Sherbet in Maylands.... best cakes in town by a mile....
stormy weather so late in the year... loving it of course....
.... porcelain knobs... i'm obsessed ... i think i've posted that image before but who cares right?..
responsible snacking ... just to balance out the decadence... 
and last but not least... in fact more than than most.... the Art of Michelle ... my birds arrived today... 

...... they make me sooooooo happy..... ♥♥♥

Sunday, December 9, 2012


We have had a real tree before.... and I loved it. The tradition of a branch began when we had a puppy in the house who insisted on dismantling anything below knee level. The fact that I'm obsessed with a White Christmas (even though I've never experienced one) is definitely the main influence when it comes to my decorating choices. Hubby brought home two miniature Hilliers Plum Puddings for me - which he had to get at a gas station because our local supermarket no longer sells them (insert un-ladylike cussing) Young Prince was most understanding when I made very specific suggestions as to where the baubles, bells and shiny bits should go - I have OCCDD*

I've taken to writing a "letter to ourselves" when I pack all the decorations away. Then come the following Christmas we open our treasures box and read it together. It usually details what the year held for us and what we hope to achieve in the new one. We lost a few souls this year gone by... so this letter was shared with tears. Hubby and I stayed up late laughing and giggling and eating chocolate. Young Prince stumbled off to bed calling out "Night Mum... Night Dad... Love you guys...."

Christmas is about so much more than I can ever put into words. ...


*Obsessive Compulsive Christmas Decorating Disorder  - and there is apparently no cure.