Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What the sun said to me...

The days are getting longer.
The light in the house is changing.

Sun is playing games at challenging hours.
Raps like mad on the kitchen window and shouts:
Wake-up lazy-bones!

Peeks through curtains and key holes to whisper to me...

I love YOU. Come and lie down, with that book, and that tea...

... just relax in MY arms. Let ME hold you....

... make YOU smile and dream and lose concentration.

I try and get to tasks miscellaneous. I try.

Just when I think I'm making progress.
Sun smiles....

... takes me gently by the hand and says...

Don't worry about all that stuff... don't look at the clock....

Just love me. The way I love you.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Completely enamoured with Emma Cassis' house....

White Floorboards....

Beautiful Fabric....

& Gorgeous Vintage Treasures.


Then there's Artemis' shed...

White Floorboards...

Beautiful Fabric...

& Gorgeous Vintage Treasures

Mmmm..... I see a pattern here.
(Even bigger sigh)


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Sunday, September 25, 2011

So it's a great day when..

.... you discover a new tipple you know you'll enjoy this Summer as well as...

a very special park to walk the dog, 

Sublimely green and oh so... dare I say it... English.

Then Hubby insists on recreating a Jamie dish you have been salivating over 
for quite some time...

He doesn't hold back on the cheese ...

(good lad)

Here's what we're aiming for

How lucky I am to have a man who loves to cook?

The evenings are still so lovely and fresh so we dined
"Al Fresco"

Personally I think Mr Oliver would have given this 
not one but rather TWO thumbs up.

Thank you my love
'Twas culinary bliss to be sure


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Something lovely....

Spring is in full swing.

Being outside during the day is utterly blissful.
In my bid to lure some of this magic indoors 
I have made a "Spring Branch"

The blossoms that ordained this Plum Tree branch have long since fell off.
However I decided not to throw it out... 

I have hung little bottles on it and filled them with Jasmine and Freesias.

It's so lovely walking into the kitchen in the morning, looking at my colourful little
hearth and drinking in the sweet scent of the Jasmine.

I used wire & these handy little hooks to secure the apothecary bottles....

 Then I added a few bits of pink ribbon - for extra "pizazz"

I love the way the fairy lights sparkle in the water of each bottle...

Kind of like giant raindrops

I think even my ceramic bunnies are enjoying the frivolity of this 
Ode to Spring.

They look especially magical at night....

My very own Neverland.

Indeed I am at a loss without my candles and string lights.
Hubby jokes that I should own shares in the tea light industry.

I have even rejected the environmentally friendly, energy saving merits of LED lights.
I'm afraid their "glow" (or lack of) just doesn't measure up.

Apologies then to the inventors of this earth loving technology.
I will embrace it where I can.

But do not ask me to give up my 
traditional string lights.

In my defence though I must add that I usually have 
every other light source turned off at night

The hidden agenda being that I wish to savour all the romantically
 lit treasures in my home.
Teeny tiny bit selfish yes...
But ever so pretty too


PS - My clay tags are all dried and I've attached the twine.
I'm happy with the result.

What say you?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Love the Loving

The most significant gift this blog has given me is a greater sense of 
appreciation for the things that surround me.

Not because they are valuable within themselves....

...but rather for what they represent & the reminders they are that 
I live abundantly - 
with beauty and colour and comfort all around.

I have some lavish treats yes.
(perfume is a weakness of mine I'll admit)

However there are items that were handed down, collected, thrifted...

... gifted, shared, borrowed and used..., played with even inherited. 
Some of these fill me with such a sense of history, joy and purpose.
Often just looking at them can bring a tear to my eye.
(Yes - especially the ones in my tween-agers room - just proves that time really does have wings)

My jewelry collection (however plentiful) is 97.86% costume/dress/cheap/thrifted.
I don't even wear most of it - but I love the colours and the textures 
and the memories attached to each and every piece. 
I like to think that the bits I don't use will be dress ups for little nieces
(or nephews?)

Other blogs that I follow have inspired me to see many of my homes nooks and crannies 
in a different light too and I feel such a sense of community when we share 
these glimpses into our lives with the rest of the world.
Yes we can edit our experiences - show only the "best bits" - but I don't really feel we do.
In fact I feel we share the mundane, the challenging and the everyday in a way that enhances our 
mutual love for truth and beauty and authenticity.

Admittedly I tend to read more female-authored blogs than male ones.
However gender aside I still see the same themes, notions and ideas raised regardless.
 It all seems to be about our love to just ... LOVE.

I have to say though...

whether it's food or fairy lights...

big things, little things, weird things or pretty things....

I for one... am loving the Loving.