Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Receiving and releasing...

A little bit of loveliness to brighten the week....

It would seem that the treasure fairies were helping
me on my thrift ventures this week....

... assisting me in my piracy of all things aged and worn...

... like this canister (one of two!) perfect
for my crafty bits...

... and some fabric for a cushion methinks.

The jug has a few chips and scratches
(just the way I like it)

This fabric had not even been priced yet and I'm
sure the lady in the store couldn't make head 
nor tale of my stupid expression 
when she handed it to me and said...

"Oh I dunno love... $4 ok?"
"Uh... yes (small squeal) that will be fine" says I...

(happy happy joy joy victory dance in car park)

But wait... there's more... 
Children's books, vintage bottles, retro tea towel
and these...

Stunning measuring tapes - one from
America and one from the Uk

The pages of this lovely book are the perfect size for
covering manilla folders, making envelopes and
creating bunting...

Except for this fine fellow... he will be framed

... there's also this tiny little tea cup 
etched with the loveliest detailing...

... and this basket which I plan on
"white-washing a little"

Last but not least I'd like to give a very special 
"thrifting (and bravery) award"
to my darling Hubby...

... who carried a whole box of these mason jars
home for me, after I spotted them in a neighbours verge collection.
They were covered in ants and we were a good few yards from our home 
so I was most impressed at the fact that they arrived all in one piece!

I lined these three with pages from an old dictionary
and now I can use them as pencil pots on my desk

Lanterns, vases, craft pots... sigh... the joys of jars...

Your week peoples?
Fun, work, play??
Mine has been filled with sorting and releasing.
I sort through all our stuff...
I release what we no longer need...
I sort some more...
I release some more...

I like the word release - it can take the form of gifting, trashing, 
recycling, donating, revamping, returning... even swapping.

It makes way for more abundance in my life and it certainly
highlights my ability to clutter up a space pretty quickly!
Even though I'm rather sentimental at heart I'm slowly learning
that I need not hold onto something just because it has meaning or
history or monetary value...
I'm allowed to surround myself with things I truly love
I can let go of everything else.
I WANT to let go of everything else...

So here's to releasing!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oh Deer!

Let me introduce you to Mr Deer...

Who now has his own little forest...

Cute yes?

I was inspired by the book 
Terrarium Craft by Amy Bryant Aiello
which is filled 
with amazing (and very easy) terrarium ideas

I've always loved "little worlds within worlds"
so you can imagine how much fun I have sourcing
a variety of containers to create mini vistas in.

This one is made up of a large Spanish glass vase,
 beach sand, 3 vintage bottles, 
maiden hair fern, a few white pebbles and 
a very cute "Have You Met Miss Jones" bone china deer
It looks lovely from all angles and 
(in my humble opinion)
is just the sweetest way to display a bloom!

I placed him outside for the photo but indeed he'll have to live inside
 (maiden hair ferns are very sensitive plants)
If you use a succulent you could create something more suited to 
the outdoors, your patio table, a sunny window etc

The book has a multitude of ideas using a variety of materials and plant
species - think crystals, ornaments, charms, shells, toys
 (fun to make one with the kids!)
 You really are limited only by your imagination...

I hope you are inspired to create a little 
"display with a difference" now?

Have a lovely one peoples!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This is an abandoned building 
on the main street of Perth

I know...

.... like me, you are wondering ....

... who abandons this??

There is a great big 
"NO TRESPASSING" sign out the front.
But I did and I'm glad for it.
(Even if I did squeal like a pig, and run like a gazelle when I heard a child laughing)
Mystery solved

The Shadow...

To confront a person with his shadow is to show him his own light.

Once one has experienced a few times...

.... what it is like to stand judgingly 
between the opposites,

... one begins to understand what is meant by the self.

Anyone who perceives his shadow...

...  and his light simultaneously...

... sees himself from two sides ...

... and thus gets in the middle.

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Little of This and a Little of That...

Lucky finds in the linen department...

Stunning pillowcases....

... delicately embroidered...

... and hand finished....

What's that you ask?
No stains? No holes?

It's amazing what people give away to the Salvos

Does anyone else love a pile of freshly washed, 
neatly ironed(with lavender water) & carefully stacked 
pile of linen as much much as me?
Oh the sheer pleasure of seeing this little stack in say something like this...


I've also been playing around with my succulents by
striking them in interesting containers...

I adore these kind of plants because they are so hardy...
(esp in our Perth climate!)

... and they are so easy to strike!

Most of the time you have to treat them 
mean to keep them keen!

And when you go away on holidays you can relax
knowing they'll still be alive when you return ;-)

Well I've got to run - things to do and places to be.
I'll leave you with the week ahead summed up in two 
simple images...

Catch ya later!