Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hot… just so hot...

It's February which means it's hot. 
Well here in Perth, Australia anyway

I always catch myself wishing for a seasons change just about the time it ACTUALLY does start to change -  and I find that rather comforting - as though Mother Nature can sense that I'm at my wits end with the dust, the flies, the heat and the drought… she knows I need the cooler evenings, the promise of rain and ….eventually…. the crisp cool bite of an Autumn morning. 

I know a lot of people who hate Winter and consider it blasphemous that I want to bid Summer farewell  but I think people are born for certain seasons… it's written in their DNA and their chromosomes can't help but either thrive or recoil depending on the temperature outside…. is that a tad dramatic? 
Actually it is a bit dramatic but hey…. that's in my DNA too.

Hubby and I are facing a small crisis at the moment… you see we have people building next door to us
and they have had to carve up the land like a cake in order to accommodate the pad for their house.
Just to paint a picture here - Kalamunda (my town) is on a hill - which is basically a large rock.
So for about SIX weeks we've had a rock breaker & various other large diggers battering 
away at the ground filling the air with the finest orange dust and shaking my house to it's core.
It's been SH*T 

So we keep running away to the sea, the city, friends… anywhere basically to escape the madness.
I do need to add that they are THE NICEST neighbours anyone could wish for which makes hating the situation all the more difficult ….we have no fence to keep the dog in, dust EVERY WHERE - and I 'aint exaggerating peoples (I can taste it in the air!) a patio that's uninhabitable, a feral cat that keeps spraying during the night and…. well …. its' just been a bit of a muchness really.

Buy hey… At least I have a house. At least there are belongings and items within that need dusting.
At least it's only dust (I've seen the flood damage in the UK… blessings to you all)
So as much as I'm letting off steam I do know in my heart that - as with all things - 
"This too shall pass"

In the meantime it's better to savour what one has rather than long for what is clearly lacking.

I have also been practicing meditation and Kundalini Yoga  - which I am 
sure (POSITIVE) has helped to keep me sane.

Couple that with tea, good books*, chocolate, work, movies and 
family and I'm pretty sure I'll survive what I'm now affectionately terming
 "The Desert Storm of 2014"

*(...anyone else loved Gone Girl? … Bloomindales!! I couldn't put it down!!
In a rather twisted way it made me feel like my "foibles and idiosyncrasies" are 
small fries compared to the likes of those two!!)

How are you all going?
Have you all enjoyed your Summer/Winter this year?
Are you ready for Easter Eggs?
(I only ask because they are sticking them on the shelves
already…. MADness)

What about great films, books?
I'm sooooo looking forward to seeing THIS
and I think I'd like to read THIS next  - I caught the 
RADIOLAB podcast about it and …Wowsers.

Well it's been a post about not much really
Apologies - people
I need to jazz it up I know

I have a backlog of controversial, interesting & debatable topics
I have a dozen or more recipes to share
I have at least a HUNDRED pins that I swoon over daily
I have craft ideas, I have new music love and I have
lots more boring beach shots… but for now I just wanted to say what
I've said and be done with it.

Have a super Wednesday, a fabulous Thursday and then a TRULY
wicked Friday peoples… it's Labour day weekend here so travel safe on the 
roads and hug your loved ones extra hard. Just do.