Monday, May 5, 2014

The Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, NH

About three years ago I watched a documentary titled Stephen Fry in America 
& fell in love with the area known as New England. 
Fast forward to this year and I was blessed

Now let me just go back to the documentary (which is absolutely worth the watch)
and a short scene where Mr Fry introduces us to the Mount Washington Hotel.
(Situated in Bretton Woods and nestled at the base of Mount Washington itself)

From the moment he walked through the main hall right up until 
he sipped tea on the back balcony … 
I. Was. Smitten.
You can read more about the history HERE  and (as you can see by my humble 
attempts at photographing the magnificence of the place) - it truly is an
intriguing and jaw droppingly beautiful location.

I clearly remember saying to my Husband 
"One day I'd like to drink tea there"
(Thinking to myself… a distant bucket list item for sure)

Well (as is the general theme in my marriage)
I'm one of those very blessed gals whose Husband keeps making
her dreams come true.

When we drove up toward the building itself I was 
already goose bumpy with anticipation and the inevitable 
"mad camera clicking began"

The boys went ahead to organise a booking for high tea.
I walked around with my mouth hanging wide open, 
pausing every now and then only to take a photo 
(and grin like a fool)

We were tended to by a waiter named Bill, from Kentucky 
who proceeded to walk us through the menu and tea selection.

Still grinning like a fool I was unable to take 
my eyes off the table settings and the view that 
greeted you through every window...

.. then I looked at the menu and ...

…. well you can just imagine ...


There was even a tea specially blended from ingredients 
only found in the local region...

… I realised very early on that I had better stop snapping ...

… no matter how tempting ….

… and simply ….

… be in the moment...

… savour the moment...

… and treasure the moment...

(every table had its own unique posy!)

(the reception desk)

(had it been just a tad warmer we would have dined in the 
exact spot that Mr Fry imbibed his brew. Not that I minded!)

As we sipped our brew and dined on scoffed  our mouth watering 
treats we marvelled at the birds of prey circling outside…

… as well as the magnificent view we had of mountain peaks
(only a hour or so later and the fog had set in making it all impossible to see)

If you are ever in this part of the world I cannot recommend a visit
to this National Treasure highly enough.
High Tea was very reasonably priced and the grounds
of the hotel are an attraction in their own right.

We vowed that next time we visited we would 
actually check in and stay for a few days.

I think I'd even go so far as to say it's one of the 
beautiful places I've ever seen in my life.

... and the tea was top notch too.