Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and Thank You!

We have a tradition in our family called "Thank-yous" and it started when our son Max(in-a-million)was old enough to understand the concept of "a prayer" - whilst we are a non-denominational family (in other words we embrace and respect all faiths) the idea of sharing and teaching Max to pray probably stems from my Anglican upbringing. The idea was not though to raise Max with a specific faith but rather to allow Max to discover The Divine through gratitude. After all we are given life, breath and soul by the same force we all worship. 
So we gather EVERY evening as a family (there are only 3 of us.Oops I mean four! Our pooch)and we take turns to thank God for all the things that we are grateful for in our day.Sometimes they are short and sweet (and a tad repetitive) and sometimes they are long and emotional and overwhelming. 
Max is twelve and he insists on this ritual without fail.I believe it has been a saving grace in our family, a way of bonding with each other and our path to strength and faith in our little nucleus. On this our Christmas Day it is the gift I am most grateful for. I have seen how transformative gratitude can be and I know that it has helped my son, my husband and myself to stop, breathe and look at the luxuries in our lives - little and large.

So this post wishes the world a Merry Christmas but it also says "Thank you"
Our ability to connect through this technology and share beauty, connect with loved ones (and strangers!) respond, comment, create, inspire, love and laugh is truly a special gift. 

BTW - These pictures were taken at my Nonnys' house where we have created a "Winter Wonderland" for the children - which, in my family, includes just about EVERYONE!I will post more of this magical event in the New Year.

Until then I wish the World a very Merry Christmas and; for those who do not celebrate the day specifically; I wish you safety, good company, good food, peace, joy and above all LOVE


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