Friday, May 13, 2011

Mixed Lollies

Do you have days (maybe even a few in a row!?) where everything muddles into one?
When your thoughts are all messy and this uncomfortable "fog" settles on the brain?
Mmmm... I do

I usually put it down to things like - not enough sleep, not enough greens, not enough meditation, not enough creating OR too much sugar, too much worrying, too much cake, too much rubbish telly etc...
All extremes and probably not even remotely accurate! 
So what is this mental fogalitis (new word) and why does it occur?


It's withdrawal symptoms from lack of contact with young-uns!

That has to be it - because after a divine Mothers Day picnic, (at Houghtons Winery in the Swan Valley) with little nieces and nephew and precious Prince Max... I am cured!
(Well for now at least)

To be surrounded by so much love....

To have a Mum who rocks!

To see the little ones exploring....


and being cheeky monkeys! 

To have a hubby thoughtful enough to pack the camp cooker for fresh tea and of course...

Home baked cake!

Well it's all a gal can ask for in life! Gratitude oozed from every pore and I pondered on all the families who have a Mum that's far away or no longer around. Light and love to you.

My batteries were charged and I was ready for a week of crazy thrifting & creative crafting!
In fact I made my first ever "absentee bid" at  this Auction house 
on a small selection of utterly divine children's books. Outcome?
 SOLD! TO BIDDER NUMBER 8013 (that's me)

Sneak peek...

And a personal favourite 

Huckle and Uncle Willie feeding the chooks on the farm  - Richard Scarry of course

 I took these shots with my phone and so they do NOT honour the illustrations AT ALL.
Therefore a whole post dedicated to my lucky win is soon to follow.

Yes Sir - I am pumped. I bought some material on the weekend too - for fabric bunting.
I scored a whole pile of Golden Hands Pattern books from a thrift store - photos to follow.
I now own a small loom with which to craft flowers and squares using ribbon/wool etc.
The paper bunting is chugging along well.
I plan on enrolling in a knitting class at our local community centre.
And most importantly .... Winter is on it's way! This time for real.
I know this because, this morning, my dash from outdoor shower to the heater indoors would have easily qualified me for the Olympics (and I needed 2 blankets last night)
(Yahooooooo...happy cosy Nana gown dance!!)

Oh and one more FABULICIOUSLY cool tidbit of news...

Magnum PI reruns - Ch11, Midday, Mon-Friday.

If anything you have to check out the shirts... and the hairdont's... and the believable narratives!?
..... and Tom - just do it peoples!

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