Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Moss 'n things...

So I brought back some moss from down south and I'm going to try and get it to grow here at my house.
(Fingers crossed)

Inspired by the lovely Anna at Mr Sparrow 
(and this book)
I decided to put some of it in a small glass dome that can hang in a sunny indoor position.
The last lot of moss I put in here went mouldy?! I think I may have given it toooo much love
(if that's possible)

I put in some beautiful blue stone that I also found on my trip and a little cutting from a succulent that my mum gave me - not sure how the moisture hungry moss will fair with the succulent, I'm hoping they get along. Next I'd like to find a teeny weeny ceramic creature to live in here - I'm thinking a mouse, a deer or perhaps even a rabbit.

 The moss is such a magnificent green and it looks so inviting... 

Slight digression coming up....
When I look into this dome, I'm reminded of Honey I Shrunk the Kids - a really silly film comedy from the 80's starring Rick Moranis
You may know him as the legendary Dark Helmet from the movie Spaceballs - very very silly. 

Image via HERE

Anyway - if I could be made really small - then I'd like to spend some time sipping tea and cake, in my beautiful moss orb ... just spinning and sipping....

On another botanical note ....

I decided to display some of my mini vials and bottles on my antique cake platter
(when I have no real sweets to serve that is)
and I must say I think it looks just as yummy.

I prefer to have flowers in smaller containers all through my house rather than just one lot in a bigger vase  - seems more lavish and decadent even if they are just cuttings from the garden 
(like this Geraldton Wax)

Flowers just make everything prettier...

These Camelias are from my front yard and work really well as floating flowers.

Here they are in my Spanish glass star bowl - complete with a floating tea light.
Instant table art.

Note to self:
Find ludicrously well paid job that entails travelling the world and prettifying (new word) homes with candles, flowers and moss.
Tootles peoples!

PS - According to my stats - this is my 100th post!
Whoop Whoop!
(Lets see about adding another zero to that total)

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Eleni said...

Flowers on a cake stand? Love it! Can't believe I haven't come across it before in all of Blogland...we bloggers all own cake stands and small glass vials for putting single blooms into, do we not? You are a genius!