Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tim Walker & Tree of Life...

So today I ventured into the garden with all my dresses from Tree Of Life.
I had grand plans to create my own homage to 
If you have not yet seen any of his work then do take the time to visit his website. 
Here you will see where I got the idea of photographing beautiful dresses in a tree.

Unfortunately a few unexpected issues resulted from this crazy, somewhat adventurous notion.....

Firstly the neighbours (and my Pooch) thought I'd gone bonkers.

Secondly I had only just completed placing them all over the tree (on twigs that I had cut to make hangers with) when these dark and threatening clouds appeared out of nowhere. What ensued was both immensely frustrating and comical.
Just to clarify the Pooch found it comical, I found it frustrating!

So in a bid to save the dresses from getting drenched I raced to beat the shower
 and pack everything away.
I was feeling rather miffed, since I had not yet taken any photos with the "real camera" and even more angry because Pooch had managed to leave a smelly present in the middle of the lawn (thus ruining the Hermes slash Lacroix atmosphere!) Then the phone rings (of course) and, as I rush inside to answer, I forget all about the pooch's contribution, step directly onto it and take (most) of it with me into the house.

I'm pretty darn sure that Mr Walker has not had this happen on ANY one of the many amazing photo shoots he has orchestrated (and he does work with animals) I'm also pretty sure Mr Walker would find my homage to his Dress Lamp Tree  somewhat... um ... how shall we put it... ridiculous??

As pretty as these cotton and satin lovelies are, they ended up looking more like ghosts.
(or invisible hanging corpses!?)
So as I returned inside the house I couldn't help but feel somewhat deflated.
I decided to post the measly few I-Phone shots I snapped anyway because I suppose they are quite poetic (in a tragically weird way) and they will always remind me to think before I venture outside with half my wardrobe... in the winter... with the pooch. Grrrrr!

Now if by some magical chance anyone from Tree Of Life should see this post I would like to stress that no dresses were harmed in the making of this post (miraculously) and that I promise to attempt a more superior advertisement for what is undoubtedly one of my favourite clothing stores in Perth.
I am very lucky to own as many of their dresses as I do. Even though most of mine were purchased on sale (and in some cases at 70% off) I still feel their prices are reasonable and their styling divine.
For a better view of their creations see HERE and HERE.

Anyhooo. You live and you learn right?


I am not Tim Walker. I am me.
I may not have a giant Oak and lights to place within each dress.
What I do have is a divine Ornamental Plum (soon to blossom) as well as a wonderful wardrobe of cotton and satin loveliness.
I may not have an assistant who knows how clean lenses, set props and make me tea.
What I do have is a pooch who never criticizes my crazy ideas.
(Sorry I growled at you Eddie - you poop wherever you want Sweetie.
Just not on the path way or the lawn... try the garden bed.... I repeat the garden bed!!!)
And last but not least  - I may not have succeeded today but I am not defeated.
I will attempt this idea again one day. Possible on a smaller scale.
With help. And tea.


Eleni said...

Well, as all great Fashion and Photography Adventurers have surely discovered, you cannot make an omelette withouth breaking any eggs...by the way, thanks to my clumsy typing I nearly put "nomelette"...isn't that a lovely new word? Mmmm...nomelette...

Melissa said...

That is hysterical ANgy!

Eddie sounds like the comedy dog assistant...just let him know i need the dresses in the 2nd & 5th pickies at leasst!

You can bring them with you when you head over here!!

Melissa x