Thursday, November 17, 2011

Slow down, you move to fast...

You know those days when things just rush past you?
(or more accurately you rush past them)
Those days when you wish the earth had a pause button?

Well I was lucky enough to find my global remote control last week.
(It helped that Hubby had the afternoon off from work)
So what did we do?
We decided to take a nap. 
A deliciously hedonistic nap right smack bang in the middle of the day.
Let me tell you peoples - this really should be made law.
I do believe if napping were mandatory we'd all live longer and happier lives, yes sir.
Since that day (that extra special treat of a day) it's been go go go in the JAM household.
I haven't stopped even to scratch my botty I tell you.
I feel like a kid in the playground screaming to get off the roundabout.
So it's late in the evening here (oops no make that early in the morning - clock just ticked past midnight)
and I'm not going to bed without sharing something special...

I need to have more of these precious moments...

Moments with the love of my life, relaxing under
the plum tree in the back garden...

... a cheeky half to wet the whistle...

... A rug to snooze on...

... the softest grass you'll ever feel between your toes
(Hubby is most proud of his lawn - I think it's a boy thing??)

... the sweetest of chirps from baby Honey Eaters...
(couldn't get any closer... Mum will have a fit)

... a pooch who clearly has a case of OCBD...
(obsessive compulsive ball disorder)

.... the sun dappling through, not one, but three trees...
(how blessed I am to have an abundance of shade)

A moment to just be
I have placed this moment in my mental treasure chest.
A gem I can pull out and polish whenever I want.
All mine to hold up to the light and admire the sparkle.


PS - I thrifted this cutie top for $2!!

Love the detail!

Also  I forgot to add that my special day ended with this yummy meal

a soak in the tub

Take my advice peoples...
Slow down, book in a day to just .... exist


The Egg said...

naps should be mandatory! love the photos

xo the egg out west.

WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Hey Fras, can I come and sleep under your plum tree for say, oh, a week? By the way, our local Salvation store has a mega sale next week - ALL clothing for $2.99!

chasing lightning bugs said...

i love this post. love it. i just keep going over your beautiful photos. the bathtub might be my fave. and the lovely ones of you, beautiful.
nothing beats an afternoon nap in the grass, with the buzz of spring all around. with your pretty white peasant blouse. you are making me miss summer more than i already do....

Clare said...

Oh your pictures are lovely! I'd love to just lie out in the garden but on this side of the world I would need to be tucked inside a sleeping bag! And I imagine the neighbours would think I've gone crazy! Your yummy meal photo looks delicious!