Thursday, December 20, 2012

Have you heard of Instagram?

Says Sister A to Sister B (I'm Sister B by the way) 
Sister B: "Well yes I have but I have my blog"
Sister A: "You'd love it"
Sister B:  "I love Hipstamatic - there are more effects, lenses etc"
Sister A: "You'd love it"
Sister B: "Yeah but..."
Sister A: "I just think you'd love it"

Sister B always hold what Sister A says with high regard but still lingers ... I mean do we really need MORE social media? 

(Aside: More people learnt of last weeks tragedy in America through Facebook then through any other media form... Twitter next... CNN last - Am I the only one who finds this monumental shift in our collective unconsciousness craaaayzeee?)

Then Sister B finds out you can follow celebrities on Instagram ... 
Style celebrities that is.
(insert exclamation marks here)
... and of course... Gorgeous talented and super spunky Sister A.....

Needless to say, Sister A is now an Instagrammer.
A few facts - the front door is mine, the pooch is mine and this gate below ...

.... is mine too. Blessed? I think so.


How are your Christmas plans coming along peoples? I had a minor hissy fit when I heard that it would be 40 degrees here in Perth. FORTY DEGREES peoples. My constant background playlist consists mainly of crooners singing about snow in one form or another..... hmmm.... the irony.
Still, I am safe, I have family, I have a pool, I have love. 
I keep thinking about the families who have lost a tremendous amount (in the spotlight of the media) and I'm reminded of how useless any complaints ever are. I guess that's another reason to embrace social media - it allows us to connect instantly and the more of us that post, tweet, blog or gram anything positive the more we tip the scales in favour of hope. 
Ok.. thats' my cheesy soap box moment. I'm off to feed my chooks and get ready for my Christmas work function ... Only 4 more sleeps peeps! ♥♥♥

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WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Damm straight Sister! Love your intsagram shots, especially all your florals:)