Saturday, January 28, 2012

Walking in the Warmth....

It's just too hot to walk the Pooch during the day, but walk the Pooch we must.
So we leave late.
We leave after dinner when the temperature finally drops below 30 degrees.
We don't go too far, just a ways down the road to Roberts Park.
We call it this because the old recluse who lives next to it is known to all as Robert.
All I can do is watch the sky - hoping for more rain.


chasing lightning bugs said...

your walk looks lovely.....i love your photos. i've been soaking in a bit of the australian sun too......just through the tv, glued to the australian open tennis.

Neesie said...

We walk early in the morning to avoid the heat, but we haven't had your kind of heat here in Melbourne...I hope its dropped a little for you?
We have a hot wind blowing a hoolie today (that's a scottish term for strong wind by the way)
We've also threatening clouds but hardly a drop of moisture yet ~ other than on me! I could write I'm sweating like a pig but that doesn't conjure up an attractive image, so I'll say I'm gently glowing :D
I love your photos and feel I've been on your walk too.
Stay cool xoxo

In My Wild Eden said...

Your pictures are so beautiful. I feel I got lost inside them and took your walk right along beside you. Such wonderful colors!