Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cheap & Easy (and I mean EASY) Bunting....

Ok so you want results and you want them now right?
Alrighty then - Instant buntification comin up....

Take a lovely tea towel...

(also the pattern was reversible)

.... cut the tea towel lengthwise into 4 strips of even width ...

... I used pinking shears 
(or as I call em zig-zag scissors) 
.... and the lines on the fabric made it easier to cut. 
I will add though this project is not for the fundamentalist craftsperson.

"devil may care"
is the more suitable approach here...

Cut these strips into triangles 
(again use the zig-zags)
and don't worry about perfection... clock is ticking...

Ok now find some ribbon - I used cotton twill and
it worked very well...

Then all you need to do is patiently feed the ribbon through
your machine and attach the triangles as you go.
You shouldn't need pins since the sections are quite small 
and easy to keep straight.

Keep going until you've attached all the triangles
and there you have it....

... rustic and rough....

... especially if you look closely ...

Which I will not.

Indeed I loved it so much I made more
in another colour...

Now let me just reiterate a few simple facts:

In UNDER 2 hours
1 tea towel was cut lengthwise into four strips
4 strips were then cut into (approx) 40 triangles
40 triangles were then attached to (approx 4 metres) cotton twill ribbon
4 - 5 metres of twill ribbon at $1.50 a metre is $7.50
1 tea towel at only $2 makes this bunting ....


You simply must try it!


Neesie said...

I'm not a bunting kinda gal normally (that is to say I never think about it) but I'm now trying to come up with the next occasion that will necessitate in buntification so I can try this cool idea.
You're so clever ~ thanks for the idea ~ bring on the bunting I say :D

Kylie said...

Pinking shears are a wonderful invention.
I used them on my bunting too.

Clare said...

Your bunting looks great! I've wanted to try and make homemade bunting for a while now & these look like something I could manage! Thanks for sharing!

MANDY said...

You are so clever .... I love it !!!

in regards to my picture rails, we had them installed by a carpenter, but if you are handy it probably wouldn't be difficult. x