Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'm going to knit... yes... I am.

It's cold outside.
Positively chilly.
I live in Perth -  Western Australia.
It's a big deal when it gets cold - cos it's a VERY big deal when it gets HOT.
(No I don't mean 34 and sunny and cheery and beachy... I mean 42, my back is
a slip & slide and I want to move to Juno and eat raw fish!)

So I am going to make hay while the sun shines... Hang on that's not right?

Thing is... there are certain acts that just...
 "up the cosy factor" 
and make me feel all lit up inside.
Knitting is definitely one of those acts.
I'm not very good at it - no false modesty here - truly I'm actually
the worlds most crap free styling yarn weaver ever!
Sort of like scat singing only with (k)needles :-)

Its the act... not the product!!
I'm going to knit... Yes... I am.

PS - The above image is taken from a vintage 
Golden Hands mag.
I've doctored it just a little :-) 
PPS - I wish I could knit me a safari style jumper like that though - the belt 
adds such a sense of security ..... just in case your zipper breaks - you know you're covered.


Neesie said...

I can understand you wanting to snuggle down with a warm fire, cosy slippers and the reasuring click, clacking sound of knitting needles...but hang on a minute...
there's nothing more to say than...that safari style jumper is just plain dodgy! A sense of security maybe but it's HIDD...I...OUS!!!
Hopefully you'll stick with knitting squares for a blanket and enjoy the winter months 'secure' (without the need of a belt) in the knowledge you aren't causing any fashion faux pas! ;D

WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Oh, I used to go out with him Fras, have you been rummaging through my pictures again?!

Eleni said...

Well I'm sure you know I take infitnite pleasure in knitting, but let me assure you that the skills really do imporve with practise!

I think the safari jumper is rather handsome!