Monday, May 28, 2012

Hedonistic habits...

Do you have them?

This weekend allowed me to dabble in a few of mine...

Discover a new (and uber-cool) carpark cafe, order tea and coffee
AND find the product is as satisfying as the location...
(artwork at the cafe by this cool dude)

Visit one of my favourite nurseries
wander around aimlessly taking in every bloom,
 enjoying the buzz of eager gardeners plotting
and planning their next project...
(come home with a bloom or two of my own)

Reading in the garden ... with tea... and chocolate....
and Pooch.... Doze off to the sound of birds calling
and neighbourhood kids giggling. 

Collecting flowers (from my own garden) and place
them in pretty containers all around the house....

All the time reminded of those brilliant words by Joseph Campbell

"Follow your Bliss"


PS - Reading the Memory Keepers Daughter
by Kim Edwards
at the moment... It's like reading a dramatic dream.
Not getting anything else done - so I'd better hurry
and finish it!


Neesie said...

What a cool place to chill out for a while. The artwork is amazing too.
I love you're photos, so thanks for taking me along with you ;D

I especially like that truck with the looks like someone was so keen to visit the nursery they just drove right on in! lol
I loved reading the 'Memory Keepers Daughter' by Kim Edwards so I can understand you want to do nothing else.
Don't you just love it when you find a really good book...ahh...enjoy :D

Favourite Vintage Finds said...

Gorgeous post! Love all the photos! xo

Eleni said...

My latest hedonistic habit is going out for fancy breakfast - it's crept up on me, I'm sure I didn't used to do it as often as I do these days!