Friday, November 2, 2012


Little known fact I've just discovered...

In ancient Greek there was  the masculine noun “kyanos”, also spelled “kuanos” (“κύανος “in Greek letters ) which  indicated  a dark-blue substance/enamel (probably derived from powdered lapislazuli stone known since 5000 BC) used in the Heroic Age to adorn works in metal, as we read e.g. in Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey as well as in Hesiod’s Shield of Heracles.

This noun was later used also as an adjective ( kyanos/ kyaneos) meaning exactly “blue” / “dark-blue”.

In short, also in pre-Homeric times the Greeks knew this colour and had a noun to indicate it, although they did not have yet the adjective which was used only later.*

And that's why Homer does not use the word blue in Odyssey.

(*excerpt from here)

High Blue
Navy Blue
Sky Blue
Egyptian Blue
Cerulean Blue
Prussian Blue
Lapis Lazuli

I love the colour Blue in all it's shades and hues. I'm drawn to it and find that my home is dotted with it in almost all the rooms. I love it in clothes (usually Dark, Gray or Teal Blue) and I love it in cookware and serving ware. I could have taken a dozen more pictures of all the blue things I own but ran out of light this morning (late summer rains.. yay!) and I had to leave for the Kalamunda Markets with Hubby. 

I didn't take my camera with today but I wish I had...
People smiling in the rain, dogs on leads (Kalamunda is VERY dog friendly) food smells wafting from the stalls.. we had Spinach and Feta pides with lemon and dips.... drool.

I scored six succulents for the price of one, thanks to local European families who work hard in their gardens and share their treasures ... seriously I'm still reeling from the prices!
We attended the grand opening of First Avenue's new store and then headed off to the grocers to purchase all we need for our contribution to TWO dinner parties we'll be attending ..... Fennel & Orange Salad with walnuts and Persian Feta... Ooh yeah.

How are you peoples? What's your favourite colour?
Have you been to the Kalamunda markets before? 
Plans for the weekend? Plans for the week?

Whatever you're doing I hope it's filled with as much gratitude as the heart can handle... 
it's so good for the soul... ♥♥♥


Diana Studer said...

from Gina Ferrari, to Sight of Morning, to a new blog. I have been thinking about blues, sea sky distant mountains, a new landscape on False Bay.

ellen said...

Oh, this is lovely. To find your comment this morning early on my blog gave me a wide smile. You may and can slide on the smile.
Loved reading about Blue. New stuff, all so good.
I agree with gratitude. I should capitalize all of the letters. It makes our hearts swell ten times over, puffs up our cheeks, deepens our breath, widens our outlook and just is damned good. I think it is a form of prayer.
You be Bach, or I'll be Bach, you be Beethoven or I'll be the Big B.
Thanks..excuse the verbosity here.
Thanks again..Ellen.

Dilys said...

Oh, a symphony of blues! So cool and fresh, like a vast sky in early spring! I think I recognize those little butterflies, and those tiny round flower beads! I have some in various colors, pink and green and yellow! They are so cheerful! My family calls me a crow because I like bright colors and shiny things, though green is my favorite color, followed closely by turquoise and purple! Maybe fuscia is in there too . . . hmm, kind of like poems I just have too many favorites! My sister would love your blue display, and I love that you included books, and the map! Nice work that made me smile!