Sunday, November 18, 2012

Right now....

Right now I have a bunch of flowers that I adore but don't know the name of.
Right now I know that we've seen the last of the rain for the year.
Right now I am filled with gratitude for every corner of my humble home.
Right now I know that all the details are worth it.
Right now I love the fact that my future is unwritten.
Right now is all that really matters because right now is all we ever truly have.



Kylie said...

I'm pretty sure your flowers are Lisanthias x

Dilys said...

Yep, now is the moment, and the moment is all we have, caught between the soft light of the past and the edgy darkness of the future. I'm not sure what those flowers are other than an absolutely gorgeous shade of blue, almost indigo! The little castle with the cobwebs reminds me of Snow White sleeping surrounded by impenetrable thorns, yet there is always someone who will brave the challenge and defeat the thorns. (Though I am less certain about defeating cobwebs which seem inexhaustible and infinitely renewable!) Thanks for sharing the terrific photos!

G said...

I second the lisanthias - 'blue lizzies' . lovely! i also love the last sentence - so true. x