Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Excitement levels rising....

Do you love flowers?
Do you dream about them?
Do fill vases and vessels in your dreams?

I do....

.....and I've just enrolled in a Floral Design course.....

... so can you imagine how excited I am?

I cannot even imagine how excited I am since I am soooooo
excited I've lost all perspective on excitement.
I have a new excitement benchmark level.
I am newly excited.
This is a blissfully good feeling.


Peoples... when last were you truly excited about something?
What was it? Why did it excite you?
It's awesome is it not? This rush. This heart smile.

My wish for you today...

A mahoosive dose of healthy, heart racing, tingly, smiley excitement.
Enjoy ♥♥♥


Kylie said...

I am so excited for you Angie, and thrilled that you have decided to follow one of your dreams. How beautiful surrounding yourself with flowers every day. Just imagine...your work and your pleasure. Bliss. Please keep us posted, I'm really interested and want to hear all about it. Good luck, and have fun x

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Angy:
We are so excited for your excitement and are certain that the new course will be hugely interesting, creative, and great fun.

With no wish to appear boastful, we have to say that every day brings with it something exciting. Or is it that we are very easy to please?!!

beth said...

ooh how deliciously exciting! xBx

terlee said...

How wonderful to do something that brings you such joy!

(I'll just bask in your excitement for a moment, if that's okay with you...) ;D

Diana Studer said...

haven't done church flowers since we left Camps Bay, over 7 years. I started with a huge bunch of my mother's favoured purples, and bought 2 bunches of yellow roses. Taking my courage firmly in both hands, using what I had 'stolen with my eyes' at Flower Club meetings, we have - success.
I hope you will share some of your work with us?

Diana Studer said...

PS for you, a blog I read. Seasonal cut flowers, grown in her English garden, low carbon footprint - and the results are fresh and delectable.