Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nelson Mandela, Madiba ... Tata ...

You have always been in my world.
Your name was whispered by some and growled by others.
I wrote about you in school essays and assignments.
Treason. Racism. Equality. Fear. Forgiveness.

27 years.

How does education win a battle more effectively than petrol bombs and riots?
How do words heal wounds that run deep?
How does a loving soul set the example?
How does a smile, a joke and a light hearted approach ease the burden?
How does forgiveness from one man transform the lives of millions?

The answer lies in your life.

Madiba, I have never met you. Yet I feel as though it's my Grandfather who lies sick in bed.
I feel an ache because I know that when we lose a loved one the world just seems to go grey.
The colour drains and, for a while at least, there are no rainbows - only stormy clouds.
I see prayers, vigils, posters and people with hands raised to the heavens. 
They do so because they know that letting you go will hurt so much. 
You are their anchor and they do not want to drift again. 

When I see these tears, I see that they fall from the eyes of people with many varied skins.
They are black and white and coloured and yellow. 
They don't yet realise that they ARE the rainbow you leave behind.

How can I ever thank you?



chasing lightning bugs said...

oh angy...this is a most beautiful post. you have said it all so perfectly. i saw him speak once. he was hobbbled. it was about 15 years ago. he brought so much good that his loss will be overshadowed by all the good, i hope.

Vintage Jane said...

I have tears in my eyes. These are some of the most meaningful and beautiful words I have read in a while. M x

terlee said...

Angy, this post is absolutely stunning. Your words evoke such emotion, and your overwhelming respect for such a humble, yet great man is so very wonderful.

Beautiful writing...

ellen said...

Beautifully expressed, and yes, there will be a huge vacuum in this world.

Diana Studer said...

today on the paper, is a picture of Arch Toots with Madiba. Remember when the new South Africa was gently cradled in their four strong hands?

(I'm working on yesterday's post, late, life happens - and with the gift of gracious timing, I will link to this post. Madiba, one of the bonds between us)

In My Wild Eden said...

I cried and now I cry again. This is a beautiful post. Thank you for writing it.