Friday, November 8, 2013

Chicken update....

Hi there peoples! How ya been? Me? Great!!!
Thanks to being utterly spoilt by these two and cheered up the two 
above them...

.... I've also been cooked for....
(crispy Salmon on a bed of Spicy Cranberry Couscous)

(creamy poached eggs from our girls - check out that happy yellow yolk dudes!)

... treated like a queen on a couch...

... spoilt by friends and family....

... utterly spoilt!...

Little Ed had to go and get his annual shots at the vet and I went 
for acupuncture ... which. was. AMAZING.

So with all this bubbling energy and healing happiness I thought I'd give you 
a quick update on how my chicks are going...

We are sure that Fay is a Wellsummer but not too sure whether 
Cassandra will be a Barnevelder, a Rhode Island Red or a New Hampshire.
So kinda lucky dip there. Either way though they're all from a brilliant chicken farm called
Henley Brook Chook Farm in the Swan Valley - aka Gallus Gallus Domesticus HEAVEN.

Roz is still proving to be an amazing Mama Hen. Allowing the chicks to eat first,
summon her to bed well before sunset and even ride on her back!? 
(I've been trying to get a shot of that... hilarious)

We are so proud of her because she sacrifices all the best 
bits of scrap - no matter what the treat
and she watches over them like a hawk....

... Justin jokes that these two are our "veloceraptors" because they're keen 
to get in and make a meal of the chicks (gruseome but true) and we still have to wait
at least another week or two before we can introduce them all together.

I know this is a blurred photo but it cracks me up everytime I look at it.
They really are such curious critters.

So there you have it.
A quick catch up before I head into the garden to give 
orders to my boys since I'm still under strict instructions...
NO lifting, 
NO driving, 
NO straining, 
NO vacuuming 
(meh that one I can live with)
Ironically I'm still allowed to do the ironing....booo.

We may be off to the chook farm tomorrow to pick up a 
a Light Sussex or two (Yay!!) ... but if I'm going to be truthful
that's my idea and I have yet to convince Hubby.

So I wish you all THE BEST weekend ever.
Next post is about my handmade Christmas wreath using vintage book pages.

PS - Apologies for the redundant use of exclamation marks
peoples but when your health returns after such a long struggle
you cannot help but be just! so! darn! happy!!!!!!! :-) 


terlee said...

So excellently happy that you are feeling healthy and adored and so very well taken care of!!!!!!!! ;D

Love the chickens. I used to have a baker's dozen. My two best girls were called Lucy and Ethyl...they were inseparable and so funny together.

the best part of my day... said...

I've found your adorable blog. That makes me happy - exclamation point. Glad you're on the mend ;-)

Cassandra said...

I know exactly how you feel - it's like coming alive again. Although the trick is definitely not to over do things and have any setbacks... It's wonderful to have happy chooky eggs, our girls have been with us for 18 months and I couldn't imagine life without them. They are, funnily enough, light sussex crosses and are massive enormous girls. They could beat up an eagle I think. Can't wait to see if you get some :)

Neesie said...

Such a happy post today Angy. It's great to know that you're well on your way to tip-top condition once again...which is just wonderful!!!! (note the ! hehe...I'm terrible for over using normally, but today I felt I could get away with it!) ;D

I'm sure you could have tried a little harder to get that ironing on the NO list. Were you just not trying hard enough?

I have to tell you that the fuzzy photo of the chook had my tea spurt right across my screen. It's just that's priceless.

By the way, I've just ran out of homemade cake with my daughter visiting (I'm saying nothing) plus all of the workmen could you please send me some happy eggs please? Then I could bake another cake. Hubby might feel a little miffed tonight when there's none left for him :$
Hmm...see that's why I'm thinking I should get some of my own chooks.

I'm beside myself with
intrigue-ness and can't wait to see your Christmas wreath.

I did have a fabulous weekend thank I wish you the BEST WEEK EVER!!!! (couldn't resist)

ellen said...

Am so behind here, but you have been in my thoughts. I am happy to know that you are feeling better and are encouraged!
Chickens provide so many laughable moments. (I love that blurry shot.) It's free and good medicine any time when you can watch the antics of your chicks. Mine crack me up as well.
Keep on mending, dear one. xoxo