Thursday, March 10, 2011

Grizzly, Grey and Cosy!

Well I'm off to Melbourne with Hubby this evening!
It's where we met, courted (do people still say that?) leapt into love AND became engaged - after only six days I might add (but that's a whole other post) We had both lived in Victoria for some time before we came to Perth. After accepting his proposal we spent a year of hedonistic bliss living and LOVING the Grey, Grizzly weather that is own to Melbourne. So I checked the weather report and....

Triple somersault of joy!If I could do one I would!
Instead I've tackled what I do best - PACKING! So the suitcase is now full of wintery woolly wonders! 

Hopefully I can get around wearing as many layers as possible....

I had a practice run this morning. 
You can't see the coat very well but it's a faux fur swing number with a sparkly antique button 
(paid all of $10 for it.. gotta love thrifting!)
The style is very Audrey - so in my eyes VERY cool!

Well I have to run - still have a bit more packing to do, fish to move, a kitchen to clean, hair to wash um.... Yep I'm off!

(See you in a week or so with a whole new project that I'm most excited to share!)

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