Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Red and Green and Yum!

It's such a gift to have a garden filled with things that not only look inviting but taste terrific too!

The best part about having a kitchen garden is the convenience, the freshness, the aesthetic, the inspiration, the learning, the successes, the sharing... Did I say convenience?

I pop a few slices of grainy wholemeal bread in the toaster and in the time it takes for me to wander outside and grab a handful of Cherry Tomatoes, a bunch of Rocket and a few Basil leaves - Voila!
(some assembly required, but C'mon! How gourmet does this look!)

Remember the cracked pepper, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and of course - "the mayo"

At the moment we're loving Cherry Tomatoes and I've even planted some in a old picnic basket! You' wont believe the yield from just one seedling. So if you have a small sunny space try some Basil and Cherry Tomatoes - instant Yum.

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