Sunday, September 25, 2011

So it's a great day when..

.... you discover a new tipple you know you'll enjoy this Summer as well as...

a very special park to walk the dog, 

Sublimely green and oh so... dare I say it... English.

Then Hubby insists on recreating a Jamie dish you have been salivating over 
for quite some time...

He doesn't hold back on the cheese ...

(good lad)

Here's what we're aiming for

How lucky I am to have a man who loves to cook?

The evenings are still so lovely and fresh so we dined
"Al Fresco"

Personally I think Mr Oliver would have given this 
not one but rather TWO thumbs up.

Thank you my love
'Twas culinary bliss to be sure


1 comment:

chasing lightning bugs said...

what a lovely dinner. and i love a man who cooks what i'm hungry for.