Saturday, September 24, 2011

Something lovely....

Spring is in full swing.

Being outside during the day is utterly blissful.
In my bid to lure some of this magic indoors 
I have made a "Spring Branch"

The blossoms that ordained this Plum Tree branch have long since fell off.
However I decided not to throw it out... 

I have hung little bottles on it and filled them with Jasmine and Freesias.

It's so lovely walking into the kitchen in the morning, looking at my colourful little
hearth and drinking in the sweet scent of the Jasmine.

I used wire & these handy little hooks to secure the apothecary bottles....

 Then I added a few bits of pink ribbon - for extra "pizazz"

I love the way the fairy lights sparkle in the water of each bottle...

Kind of like giant raindrops

I think even my ceramic bunnies are enjoying the frivolity of this 
Ode to Spring.

They look especially magical at night....

My very own Neverland.

Indeed I am at a loss without my candles and string lights.
Hubby jokes that I should own shares in the tea light industry.

I have even rejected the environmentally friendly, energy saving merits of LED lights.
I'm afraid their "glow" (or lack of) just doesn't measure up.

Apologies then to the inventors of this earth loving technology.
I will embrace it where I can.

But do not ask me to give up my 
traditional string lights.

In my defence though I must add that I usually have 
every other light source turned off at night

The hidden agenda being that I wish to savour all the romantically
 lit treasures in my home.
Teeny tiny bit selfish yes...
But ever so pretty too


PS - My clay tags are all dried and I've attached the twine.
I'm happy with the result.

What say you?


WolvesAtTheDoor said...

I say MOST delightful Fras, why do we only have Christmas trees? We should have trees for every season, every month, every mood, every new season of So You Think You Can Dance, every new album - ooh, a music tree filled with lyrics and music notes!?! You rock, N.

chasing lightning bugs said...

absolutely gorgeous, i say. our side of the planet is saying goodbye to summer. and i'm not ready to. so i think i'll make up some sort of lovely blossom tree like yours that can sit on the dining room table and fill the room with spring. i love it!!

Eleni said...

I love your ceramic bunnies!

Angy is my name. said...

Thank you! I must say I'm surprised how such little sprigs of Jasmine can fill the room with such a strong scent! It's a delight to make my first morning cuppa and drink in my own bit of "Inner Spring" - the ceramic bunnies are two of my favourite bits - my mum gave me one and I treated myself one day to the other. A bit of a woodland...again indoors. So nice to share it with other likeminded lovelies who appreciate the pretty and frivolous in life :-)

Neesie said...

I've just found your blog and its truly magical. I adore the idea of an indoor tree which highlights all the things I love. That's going to be my next project, so thank you for the inspiration.
Your photo's are amazing....I'm in awe ;D