Thursday, October 6, 2011

Books that Inspire....

What inspires you? 
What makes your heart strings zing and your brain go ping?
What makes you smile? 
What distracts you? 
What gets your creative juices flowing and your mojo going?  

For me there are many things - family, friends, nature, tea, cake, films, music, beautiful blogs, 
theatre, studying, napping, laughing, meditating.....
(the list is loooong)

However one of the most exciting things in my life would have to be...

I'm a sucker for the printed word as well as magazines and publications that have dreamy images which spark my imagination and inspire me to create, write, cook, design and decorate.
I'd like to share a few of my absolute favourites with you today.
Please be forewarned though... I scanned these images (and book covers) at work and I 
had a jolly rotten time getting correct exposure, alignment, clarity, DPI (??) sigh....


After quite the scanning adventure (Grrrr) I have a collection of images that are 
(reasonably) good quality - I would insist that, if any take your fancy, you check out the books in person.
I would hate for the photographers to think I am representing their work at half resolution etc!

A heady collection of images that accompany an honest and
authentic account of risks taken and love found. 
This lady is indeed the reason I began blogging.
Her fervour for the creative, her longing for travel and her eye for
beauty always makes me smile and keeps me
"wanting more"
The book converses her own personal journey from Australia to France and to Amsterdam.
She writes with a raw and candid grace allowing most of her images to reveal even more of her tale.

She also loves tea, photography, handmade - handcrafted wares, travel, music and flowers.
(I like to muse that we are cyber sisters)
The image below is taken in her houseboat in Amsterdam - enchantment personified.

Pia if you ever read this I'd like to say:

Thank you for sharing your life in words and images.
 For allowing us to peek into your homes, your dreams and your creative tapestry.
 I know many people share my love for your work and your books are simply sublime. 
I hope that we see more of your adventures very soon.


Next we have a book that has me drooling over other peoples thrifting
and generally turning a rather deep shade of green.

A wonderful guide for those who love to source treasures and wish to 
decorate and make a home with the their new (but old) wares.
Emily lives in London and has a store called Caravan.
She lives in an uberfunky (new word) warehouse style apartment - some of which features in the book.
 Her trademark, as a style guru, would have to be her keen eye for detail, confidence with colour and natural flair for reincarnating vintage items.

There's something for everyone in this eclectic mix of images.
Photographer Debi Treloar has such an eye for framing all the really cool 
and unusual items and if you love the visual image then you must check out her website.


Next  - something a little more unusual....

I call this my
 "ultimate fly on the wall - dream come true"
Todd has "A-list" access and does not hold back. 
A visual documentary of the homes and abodes of our planets more
eccentric (sometimes whacko?), usually creative but ALWAYS interesting humans.
I love, love, love this book.
 (and his website... I think I've spent at least 500 hours browsing it)

A voyeuristic heaven of peeks, pokes and peeps into 
the world of poeple who make the world an interesting place.
Todd seems to have a soft spot for animals 
(so that wins me over)
as well as a genuine appreciation for life on the fringe - where it remains most enticing.

My favourites homes are those belonging to 
Helena Christensen (that kitchen, not to mention her sitting room...sigh)


And finally... last but definootley not least
we have...

Oooooh..... Aaaah..... Sigh..... Wowsers!... Ummmm get out of town..... Oh Dear.....
Holy Moley..... What the??....  and Zing Zing Goes the Heartstrings....

These were just s few of the words (and metaphysical reactions) that ensued when I 
first looked through this... this... I can't call it a book because to me it really is so much more than that.
Am I sounding like a complete Drama Queen when I say it spoke to my soul?
If so then a Drama Queen I be.

I chose not to crop this image so you can see the little book marks sticking out the top
of the pages  - I ponder and absorb this book pretty much daily. 
Every time I look through it I find something new. 
It thrills me on so many levels. Filled with...

Texture & Colour

Composition & Mood

Culture & Curiosities

Theatre & Drama

Unique & Unexpected

The book is also BEAUTIFULLY MADE.
The dustcover is textured and the chapters are marked with glassine paper.
(In fact it won Best Designed Book and Best Designed General Illustrated Book at the APA Annual Design Awards 2010)

Honestly I could have scanned every page.

Thank you Sibella - You should be so proud of  this book.  It's indeed a work of Art. 

As mentioned earlier - please forgive the quality of these scanned images.
I am not always keen on lifting & linking images from the net - I panic about giving (proper) credit etc.
I decided that if I scan the images then there can be no dispute as to where they come from.
Still I insist that if you fancy what you see then PLEASE have a look at the books in person.
I've provided links to the prospective authors websites which are every bit as marvellous as these books.
(Also if you find that browsing turns into buying then check out the Book Depository
for very competitive pricing, free delivery worldwide and an exorbitant selection)

So... what books make your Top 5 list?

Do share.


PS - Honorable mentions - if you like these books you may also love these...

Cheap Chic by Emily Chalmers

Terrarium Craft by Amy Bryant Aiello and Kate Bryant

Spaces - a FRANKIE magazine

Junk Style - by Melanie Molesworth

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