Monday, October 10, 2011

In the Garden

We spent most of Sunday in the garden.
Total bliss

We had the most divine weather for it & I was able to 
get quite a few things done.
(This is the view form our back patio - pretty special yes?)

Of course if you were to look a little closer you'd find an army of weeds.
Luckily we are not waging a war against them - it's more of a peace treaty with land rights.
Truth is you couldn't win that war in our rambling garden so it's always best to 
put up a fair fight and then concede defeat when the referee rings the bell.
(The beer o'clock bell that is)

Our pooch Eddie had other ideas as well...

My faithful companion.

Our vegie patch is looking promising too....

I cannot wait to sample our snow pea sprouts
(Did you know the leaves make a great addition to a salad?)
as well as our baby beets... I plan on roasting them and having a 
Beetroot and Gouda Panini... crazy I know but so darn tasty.

Apart from the weeding I managed a few other menial tasks like
cleaning all the chicken feeders and...

planting these Peace Lily bulbs
(given to me by my surrogate grandparents - Thank you Jilly & Buppa)

Altogether it was a most productive day....

... & I even squeezed in a spot of sewing.

Highlights though would have to be the heady scent of Jasmine
(which literally fills the air since it covers our entire back fence)
and finding this...

Brought such a smile to my face to think of 
some young lad (or lass) playing with this in our
garden and having as blissful a day as mine.


Your weekend peoples? Busy, quiet, productive, sleepy, lazy, adventurous?


In My Wild Eden said...

Such a beautiful post. It was a day of beautiful weather here too, but we were cleaning up for winter. Love the idea of snow pea leaves in salad.

chasing lightning bugs said...

i washed windows and did a bit of gardening. the weather was grand. and i would love a jasmine fence. that photo is perfection. i have a little red truck like yours that i dug up years ago in our yard. i think i'll photograph it do a little story. i love the ideas that it spurs on. but mostly i love that you and i on seperate axis of this planet had similar days full of happy work and sunny garden times and we can read about each others happenings. so awesome!!!

Melissa said...

Hi lovely you- i'm still unpacking- post holiday washing grrrr!! but when i saw your message on my blog, i had to pop right over and say hiya!

what a glorious sunday- and all with the scent of jasmine...oh how i miss that smell!!
it just says christmas and summer to me- a smell from my childhood!

that little truck just made me smile BIG- there are such treasures in gardens, aren't there...i still have pottery pieces from our first family garden that i can't throw out- little blue and white fragments- not nearly as lovely as your little wagon though!

thanks for your comment- i can't tell you i was almost in tears getting it all out!!

Melissa xx