Monday, November 7, 2011

Doing the Dishes...

We have never owned a dishwasher
I cannot say it's been a conscious decision not to have one, 
Nor can I say that I'm particularly against them in any way
We've just never had the space, the money or the burning need

We have a rule in our house that if you've cooked you don't have to the dishes

(We don't always adhere to it though)

For us it's usually the time we discuss Young Prince and his school work, 
catch up on the days events,
or review the success of the dinner party

If I'm on my own I usually light a candle and 
try to remain ever grateful...

...for the family who used this crockery, for the home 
that shelters them...

... & for the running water that I don't have to walk to find

When I was young I used to hide when it came time to do the dishes
(I was always the dryer)

Now I really don't mind it at all

In fact, I've decided that if I never own a dishwasher...

... then that will be just fine


Eleni said...

I don't mind washing up either, my mum can't stand it! I am suspicious of dishwashers and tumble dryers - surely they are a huge waste of energy? Never thought of washing up by candlelight though, must give that one a try :)

In My Wild Eden said...

I remember after a holiday meal at my grandparent's house, when I was young, all the women and girls would do the dishes together (by hand) and clean up (after having cooked all the food) while the men disappeared to other parts of the house. Times have changed. Both my boys and my husband take their turn. But I miss those days in the kitchen with all my aunts, cousins, sister, mom and grandmother.

chasing lightning bugs said...

oh, i know what you're describing. i only have had a dishwasher 5 or 6 years. my mother-in-law insisted. and, yes, it's convenient. and it does save me time. but i loved the meditative aspect of washing the dishes. they would pile up throughout the day and then i'd be forced to spend 20 minutes in quiet with warm water and with all my favorite cups and glasses and plates and spoons i've collected over the years. i do miss that time.